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Start every day with a beautiful smile.

Your smile should be something you are proud to show off every day. Never hide your smile or feel embarrassed by your teeth with the help of Lumineers. We love them because they fit seamlessly over your existing teeth without altering the underlying tooth structure!

Dental Lumineers in Cary, NC

We are proud of offer Lumineers in our suite of cosmetic dental services. Cerinate porcelain is the strongest leucite-reinforced ceramic on the market. With Lumineers by Cerinate, you will have a beautiful smile that is permanent, pleasant and painless.



How do dental lumineers work?

Lumineers can be made thinner than traditional dental veneers, even as thin as a contact lens! Since the porcelain veneer is thinner, it more closely resembles natural teeth and does not require the removal of sensitive tooth structure. This eliminates the need for anesthetic shots and prevents post-treatment sensitivity.

How long will it take to get dental lumineers?

The process takes just two visits. During the first, we will take a mold of your teeth and select a shade of white in which to custom-make your Lumineers. In the second visit, we apply the Lumineers, which takes approximately one hour.

Am I a good fit for dental lumineers?

Lumineers are a great solution for patients who want to straighten and whiten their smile. To learn more about the process and decide if it’s the right choice for your smile, call us and schedule your free consultation.

Ready for a straighter, whiter smile?



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