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​Stanley’s BriteGUMS™ utilizes an FDA approved dental instrument and a revolutionary process of gum pinkening™ to remove dark or blotchy pigmentation from the gum tissue. Radio waves clear away the pigmentation in the gums, revealing your natural pink gums. Dark and blotchy gums can often cause patients anxiety, which can lead people to become self-conscious about their smile.

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BriteGUMS is here to help! GUMS Gingivial Uniformity Modulation System™ is a technique invented by our own, Dr. Robert Stanley, Smile Engineer.™ BriteGUMS™ uses radio waves to gently brush away darkly pigmented or blotchy gum tissue; the Radiosurge is an FDA approved device for dental treatment and GUMS™ cans transform your smile almost instantly. BriteGUMS™ is a quick, safe, effective, and nearly pain-free way to enhance your dark or blotchy smile! 

Ready to get started with BriteGUMS? Contact our office and Smile Engineer™ today to receive your complimentary consultation! We can help you determine if you are a candidiate for BriteGUMS Gingival Uniformity Modulation System™. 

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