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Your frenulum can interfere with your teeth alignment or can constrict the movement of your lips or tongue. If you are having problems, we can help!

Frenectomy in Cary, NC

Frenectomy is the laser-guided removal of frenulum (also know as frenum). This is a thin band of tissue found under the tongue and attached to the center of the upper and lower lip. There are two types of frenum. Lingual frenum is the tissue that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Labial frenum is the attachment between the upper and lower lips and the gums. The labial frenum tissue can cause gaps in between your teeth or periodontal recession. Lingual frenum can cause speech impairment or difficulty eating.

If a frenulum interferes with your teeth alignment or if it constricts the movement of your lips or tongue, your dentist may consider doing a frenectomy to remove the frenulum. 

Children and adults that are being fitted for dentures are the most common candidates for a frenectomy. 

The oral surgery procedure is quickly done in our Cary North Carolina office. Typically a local anesthetic is used to keep the patient comfortable. After the doctor is finished, patients will experience improved bite function, better fitting dentures (if a denture wearer), and lessened oral discomfort once the site labial frencectomy site has healed. If a lingual frenectomy is performed, improved speech and ability to eat is expected after healing.

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