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A Beautiful Smile at Any Age

Orthodontics can be your first step to the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of for yourself or your child. From braces to Invisalign to palate expanders, we help you or your child achieve a straight, healthy smile.

Orthodontics in Cary, NC

We understand that having a beautiful smile is important to you, and that you want to work with the best orthodontist nearby. Our experienced dentists help you choose the best orthodontic option for your needs. Whether you are looking for an invisible way to straighten your smile or traditional metal braces, we can help! Better yet, by having your dentist and orthodontist under one roof you can save valuable time.

A beautiful smile builds confidence, and helping you or your child flourish with a healthy, straight smile is rewarding. We don’t want braces to be a scary thing for your child. We offer a variety of options that make orthodontic treatments in Cary easy and comfortable! Because we know your child’s dental history inside and out, choosing an orthodontic option that fits their needs is a seamless process. 

Our Orthodontics Services

From braces to Invisalign to palate expanders, we help you or your child achieve a straight, healthy smile.


Want to correct crowded, rotated, or crooked teeth? We proudly offer several orthodontic braces options to Cary, NC, allowing all of your dental health to be taken care of in one place. Let us help you find your smile, learn more about our different options for braces!


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Don't let the uncomfortability or embarassment of traditional braces keep you from finding your smile. Stanley Dentistry is proud to offer Invisalign to the Cary, NC area. In fewer visits and with more convenience, you can straighten your teeth and achieve your dream smile!

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Developmental Appliances

Want to guide your teeth or jaw into the correct placement to help find your smile? Our developmental applicances are corrective and supportive braces, helping to gently guide your teeth or jaw into the desired position while promoting positive dental growth!

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If your child exhibits troubling behavior, HealthyStart could be the solution. Worn for a couple of hours during the day or night, the HealthyStart applicance promotes proper dental development, toungue positioning, and an open airway.

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Why Choose Stanley Dentistry?

Our patients are our number one priority, and it shows. With nearly 900 five-star reviews, we are proud that so many families trust us with their smiles. Learn more about what makes Stanley Dentistry and its state-of-the-art practice so special from the patients themselves.

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