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We are offering FREE CONSULTATIONS for our dental implants as well as a PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE! We are located in Cary, North Carolina and are open Mon-Thurs, 7am-3pm! Call us TODAY 919-460-9665

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Why Get Omega Teeth
Dental Implants?



As the foremost global provider of dental implants, we are unrivaled in efficiency, enabling us to seamlessly and swiftly place implants, often completing the procedure in just 1 hour!

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We understand the importance of budget considerations and offer a range of financing options to suit individual needs. We guarantee transparency, eliminating the possibility of unexpected fees.

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Dr. Robert Stanley has designed a solution that is built to last a lifetime, sparing people from enduring the pain, suffering, and treatments they have experienced throughout their lives.

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We offer the finest dental implant available. With a meticulously designed and skillfully crafted implant, you can greatly mitigate the likelihood of fractures, complications, screw loosening, and tooth loss.


We will match or outdo any dental implant estimate you have received from a doctors office.
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At Omega Teeth, our patients' satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. With unwavering commitment, we have witnessed countless individuals regain their confidence through our dental implant transformations.

Let us help you smile again.

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Doctor Robert Stanley

A World-Renowned Dentist

Meet Dr. Robert Stanley. Dr. Stanley's method of performing dental implants is renowned for its precision, effectiveness, and unwavering commitment to optimal patient outcomes.

Dr. Stanley's far-reaching influence extends far beyond his local dental practice, demonstrated by his sought-after role as a speaker and educator for esteemed dental organizations across the globe. Through his influential presence at national and international lectures, Dr. Stanley passionately educates and empowers dentists, instilling the skill and precision required to proficiently place implants. 

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