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The American Dream and the Stanley Flag

The American Dream and the Stanley Flag

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The American Dream. It almost seems like an antiquated concept these days, doesn’t it? It takes a lot to succeed in the world today. Hard work, education, luck, all of these things and more factor into a company’s or individual’s success. We are proud of how hard we have worked to make Stanley Dentistry into the practice it is today. We are proud of the culture we have built, one that rewards self-improvement, values continuing education, and places an emphasis on personal accountability and taking pride in your work.

This is an important photo for us, because we still believe in the American Dream. We had this Stanley Dentistry flag made to remind us of where we started, where we are, and where we are going.

We started more than 20 years ago when Dr. Bobbi completed her Doctorate of Dental Science at UNC. The fact of the matter is that it takes a lot of commitment to become a doctor or dentist. Unless you are extremely fortunate, you will go into debt when you pursue an education in the medical field. You’ll go further into debt if you want to start your own practice when you receive your degree. We aren’t complaining, it is just the reality of the situation. The equipment alone for a small practice costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Dr. Bobbi started her practice at Preston Corners in Cary in 1993. Dr. Rob wasn’t a dentist at the time, but planned and participated heavily in the organization and construction of the office. Over time the reputation of the practice grew, along with the number of happy patients. We moved the practice down the street in the early 2000’s and Dr. Rob decided to go back to school and pursue a long held dream- to become a dentist as well. After earning his DDS he joined his wife at Stanley Dentistry.

Now we have a great team that has been with us for years, we have completed hundreds of hours of continuing education, and we invest in the best equipment we can. We rewarded our hard work with a house on Lake Gaston that we have spent many weekends of the last three years renovating. That’s where this photo was taken, and where we fly our Stanley Dentistry flag. It reminds us not only to find our smiles, but also of who we are. We try to keep this in mind as we spend quality time with our kids and extended family at the lake house, and we are always grateful for what we have.

The American Dream, antiquated? Maybe so… but we still believe.

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