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Are all electric toothbrushes created equal?

Are all electric toothbrushes created equal?

Before you dismiss this as just another sales pitch for a high-end gadget—get the dirty clean deets on what makes the Sonicare Diamondclean ABSOLUTELY SPLURGEWORTHY! Even our pal Oprah has named it to her list of FAVES this year so you know this is legit!!

Here are our top reasons to buy a Sonicare Diamondclean toothbrush—and you can decide if they are in order of importance.

Improved Oral Health

Doctor, how can I whiten my teeth without professional whitening?

We get this question a lot in our Cary NC dental practice. And, the tried and true answer is—buy a Sonicare and get busy brushing! Sonicare Diamondclean is clinically proven to remove tooth stains in as few as THREE days and make your smile appear whiter in just a week!

As your dental team, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the health benefits along with the aesthetic advantage of a whiter smile. The bristle structure lends itself to up to 7X more plaque removal than a manual toothbrush.  Why does that matter? Plaque monsters are real—not just something we discuss with our children. Plaque carries bacteria, which can lead to cavities and damage to your tooth’s enamel. If plaque stays on your teeth it hardens into tarter which cannot be removed at home. Ultimately you can have soft tissue and ligament damage in the mouth. Ligaments = how your teeth stay attached to your jaw. We want to keep those sturdy!

Expert recommended

There are millions of dollars being spent to market oral healthcare. The trick for consumers is to wade through the hype and figure out if there’s any meat behind the glossy packaging and sales gimmicks. One such method of discernment is to ask the question, what are the tooth authorities recommending?

Dr. Bobbi Stanley absolutely recommends Sonicare Diamondclean toothbrushes to her patients. “The high-frequency sonic technology is able to clean areas that manual toothbrushes and other electric toothbrushes cannot”, said Dr. Bobbi. “It’s especially important for orthodontic patients and those who are having difficulty with their current home care routine”, she continued.

Studies are continually showing that high frequency, high-amplitude, sonic-powered toothbrushes decrease plaque and gingivitis significantly more effectively than manual toothbrushes in everyday use.

Electric toothbrush

Everyone loves a SALE!

If being named to Oprah’s favorite list, improved oral health and your dentist’s strong recommendation weren’t enough…we know you love a deal! This holiday season Stanley Dentistry is offering $20 off your Sonicare Diamondclean toothbrush purchase. And, if that isn’t enticing enough, Philips is offering a $20 rebate and there is no sales tax when purchased in our Cary NC family dentist office. This amazing deal is good through December 22, 2017. Quantitites are limited so call today to get your ticket to a better smile before the new year! 

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