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Can I Afford Cosmetic Dentistry?

Can I Afford Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Everyone wants a perfect smile but very few people think they can afford it. General dentistry (cleanings, fillings, root canals) has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to money but cosmetic dentistry has it even worse. This is because so many people don’t think it’s a necessary expense, which, in some cases, maybe it isn’t. But what if, in your case, it is?

Is cosmetic dentistry necessary?

You’ve hated your smile all your life. You’ve learned to live with it but you still hate seeing your teeth in pictures and video calls. It’s a painful source of embarrassment for you.

Unfortunately, this is the story of hundreds of patients who I’ve seen over the years. Their teeth are relatively healthy and they aren’t in physical pain but they’re tired of being hyper-aware of their smile. They just want to be able to smile and not think about it for once. That’s really not a lot to ask for.

This is when cosmetic dentistry does become a necessary expense. These patients want to live their lives without worrying about their smile. Once they get to that point, the next big question becomes “Can I afford it?” In most cases that answer is “yes” and here’s why.

Save, save, save

Are you thinking about getting some kind of cosmetic dental work done in the next few years? Start saving today. Put aside a few dollars a week and, within a year or two, you’ll have enough to get started on your treatment. Try things like skipping your morning coffee and saving it instead. If you struggle with saving money, try setting up your bank account so it automatically pulls a certain amount into your savings every month. Once the money is in the savings account, leave it alone and watch it gradually build some interest.

Look into financing options

This is a big one in our office. We offer numerous different financing options for our patients so they have the ability to choose which plan works for them. You can learn more about our financing options here. Which plan you’re able to get does depend on your credit score so make sure you’re debt-free (and have been paying your bills on time) before making an appointment. Anyone can afford cosmetic dentistry but, if money is tight, you need to be smart about how you save and spend. Coming into a dental office with a low credit score and zero savings will make things very difficult for both you and the office.

Don’t cut corners

When you first start looking into cosmetic dentistry, your options may make you feel overwhelmed. There are so many different procedures and so many different ways to do them. Some are ridiculously expensive and some are incredibly cheap. How can you possibly figure out which one is right for you and your wallet?

Take a deep breath and get off of Google for a few days. Instead of spending a whole day browsing your options, spend just a few minutes every couple of days looking at one or two offices. Do not let prices guide you. Most offices do not have flat-fees for cosmetic dentistry because, on the phone, they have no idea what kind of procedures you may need (even if you’ve decided you want A or B). Instead, ask if you can do a virtual consultation with the doctor. At the consultation, they can talk about your options and what the prices may look like. If an office has prices that are way lower than the average, you might want to look somewhere else. Like most everything in life, you get what you pay for and no one wants cheap dental work that fails within a year. Do your research and find an office with awesome reviews and a portfolio of beautiful before-and-afters.

Be smart

When there’s a will, there’s a way. If getting veneers or crown lengthening could radically change your self-confidence, there’s a way for you to get them. It may require some time to save up the money or some patience when researching offices, but it’s possible for just about anyone. The most important thing to remember is common sense: pay your bills on time, save money instead of spending it on non-essentials, and find an honest that does good, honest work. Do those things and you’ll have your dream smile in no time!

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