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Can I Brush My Veneers Normally?

Can I Brush My Veneers Normally?

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You just got your veneers and you’re trying to be as careful as possible with them. You’ve been staying away from certain hard foods and you’re already on the schedule for your next cleaning. So far, your veneers haven’t caused you any trouble but you’re worried about your normal oral hygiene habits. Is it okay to brush your veneers with a Sonicare toothbrush or should you use something gentler? And what kind of toothpaste should you be using? You know you need to take good care of your veneers but what does that entail when it comes to brushing and flossing?

Brushing your veneers

Although they may seem fragile at first, your veneers can withstand quite a lot. If they can take your daily eating habits, they can definitely survive twice-daily brushing. When you’re brushing, just use a normal amount of force and make sure you thoroughly clean each tooth. Don’t be excessive but also don’t be overly gingerly. Keeping your mouth clean will help your veneers stay on (and looking good!) for longer.

Choose your toothpaste wisely

Not all kinds of toothpaste are veneer-friendly. If you have veneers, make sure to skip anything that says “whitening.” Chances are, your veneers look great and don’t need any kind of whitening but that’s not why we warn against using whitening products. Toothpaste that has whitening properties can actually damage your veneers by creating tiny scratches on the porcelain surface. On natural enamel, the abrasive quality of whitening toothpaste acts as a polisher, gently removing stains. On veneers, the abrasiveness of whitening toothpaste allows things like coffee and red wine to infiltrate the veneer, creating a stain. Longterm use of whitening toothpaste on veneers can potentially lead to needing new veneers to maintain that classic, Hollywood smile look.

Always remember to floss

Leaving bacteria-growing food particles in-between your veneers is a risky move. Make you veneers last as long as possible by flossing every day (or even twice a day). Make sure to move the floss all the way down between each veneer to ensure the entire area is clean.

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