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Dr. Bobbi assists injured child at Salt Lake City Airport

Dr. Bobbi assists injured child at Salt Lake City Airport

Dr. Bobbi with kids she helped at Sale Lake City Airport

You never know when duty will call! As Drs. Robert & Bobbi Stanley were traveling to the International Congress of Oral Implantology Summer Implant Symposium in San Diego, California Dr. Bobbi was pressed into dental service.

Their flights connected through Salt Lake City International Airport, the 25th busiest airport in the United States. While they waited for their the next flight, a dad and his three youngsters hurried through the airport.  As sometimes is the case with little legs, one of the children tripped and hurt himself. As a mom of four, Dr. Bobbi instantly recognized a true cry of distress and quickly assessed the nearby situation.  She immediately ran over to offer assistance when she noticed the child’s injured mouth and nose.

Dr. Bobbi cleaned up the wounded area and consoled the little one, as well as his father and siblings. Although the injury was relatively minor, the child was of course frightened and Dad was overwhelmed in the busy airport with three little ones in tow. Dr. Bobbi was not the least phased by the incident. With four children of her own, she’s seen her share of scrapes. “The key in dentistry and motherhood is to remain calm and level headed.” Dr. Bobbi joked.

A little motherly dentistry is just what the doctor ordered! When Dr. Stanley left the group to enjoy the rest of their journey, everyone was all smiles and even stopped for a quick picture!

The dentists and team members at Stanley Dentistry are avid learners. Drs. Robert & Bobbi Stanley lead by example. Annually they each attend more than 150 hours of continuing dental education. That is more than four times the requirement for dentists in North Carolina. Stanley Dentistry is a comprehensive, family dental practice located in Cary North Carolina. Contact us today to Find Your Smile!

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