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Dr. Bobbi Stanley Speaks on the Challenges of Being a Female Dentist

Dr. Bobbi Stanley Speaks on the Challenges of Being a Female Dentist

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dr. Bobbi Stanley was invited to speak to the American Association of Women Dental Students at her alma mater, the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry on October 2, 2008. This is the second year that Dr. Stanley has been invited to speak with this brilliant group of seventy-five female students.

Dr. Stanley gave a presentation on the challenges and advantages of being a female dentist. The discussion included topics ranging from the advantage of offering a woman’s “touch” in aesthetics (cosmetic dentistry) and family dental care to achieving a work life balance with a growing family. Dr. Bobbi underscores the fact that as a business owner she is able to pursue a professional career yet have flexibility with her work schedule to better accommodate the needs of young children.

It’s no surprise that Dr. Stanley is frequently asked to speak. Julia Mulnick, a second year dental student, said, “Everyone looks forward to hearing Dr. Stanley speak when she visits UNC Dental School. It is obvious that she enjoys being a dentist and that is inspiring for us all.”

Tina Goodall, a fourth year dental student, said, “Dr. Stanley is an inspiration to all female dental students at UNC. Her passion and enthusiasm for dentistry is really motivating to us as we near graduation and embark on our career in dentistry.”

Dr. Bobbi Stanley said, “I like speaking with dental students about the joys of being a dentist. My message to them is always the same ‘Love what you do’. That is easy for me since I love being a dentist!”

Stanley Dentistry began offering family and cosmetic dentistry in 1995 in Cary North Carolina. Dr. Bobbi Stanley is a leader among her peers and considers her patients to be friends with great smiles!

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