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Dr. Robert and Dr. Bobbi Stanley compete in City of Oaks Triathlon

Dr. Robert and Dr. Bobbi Stanley compete in City of Oaks Triathlon

Dr. Robert and Dr. Bobbi Stanley at City of Oaks Triathlon

Last fall, Dr. Bobbi decided to compete in an Ironman Triathlon in 2017. Initially she thought it would be something she and Dr. Rob could do together, since training is quite time consuming. However, Dr. Rob’s responsibilities with Stanley Institute for Comprehensive Dentistry required his attention and he was unable to commit the time needd for training. Instead he decided to embark on another rigorous activity and joined the Cary Crossfit facility near their Cary NC dental office. 


Bike portionDr. Bobbi continued to train for the October 2017 Louisville Ironman competition and registered for several smaller races including the Wilmington Azalea Sprint Triathlon and this weekend’s Raleigh Half Ironman.

In support of his wife’s endeavor Dr. Rob accompanied Dr. Bobbi for packet pickup on Friday, June 2. Once they arrived at the pickup location, the pre-race excitement was palpable and Dr. Rob mused that he wished he could join her. Dr. Bobbi reminded him that they were both registered since they were originally planning to race together and she encouraged him to get his race packet. He could simply take a *leisurely* 1.2 mile swim and forego the bike and run portions of the race. This sounded doable and they went home to grab Dr. Bobbi’s bike and deliver it to Jordan Lake for set up.

“While we were loading Bobbi’s bike, she convinced me to load mine as well. ‘Just in case’.” quipped Dr. Rob with a wink.

On race day, they were both up before dawn to be transported from the finish line in downtown Raleigh, to the start at Jordan Lake. Dr. Rob noted that the mood on the darkened bus was quiet and somber as the athletes moved toward this major feat! 

As they exited the bus, Drs. Stanley looked for Dental Assistant Gayle who was volunteering as a Triathlon body marker. After getting marked and completing their bike/run setups, they moved toward the swim start. Dr. Bobbi said, “At the beginning of the race, I was feeling prepared. I was nervous about the swim but did well and kicked butt on the bike. The run was hot but I powered through and was able to finish in the alloted time. Overall I was pleased with my performance and I’m looking forward to Louisville.”

Keep pedallingDr. Rob felt good through his swim and decided to continue with the bike although his Crossfit workouts from the week before left him a little more sore than optimal. He decided to take the ride at a leisurely pace due to his intense crossfit workouts earlier in the week. (Dr. Bobbi noted that she passed Dr. Rob on the bike!). 

During the run segment of the race, Dr. Bobbi felt confident in her pace and performance while Dr. Rob battled through severe cramping and blisters. His spirits were lifted during the last few minutes of the race when he ran into one of Dr. Bobbi’s patients and they crossed the finish line together! 

Drs. Stanley agree that overall it was a great experience and a well-organized race. “The officials and volunteers did an amazing job of providing everything needed for a smooth event”, said Dr. Bobbi. 

The Stanleys don’t have much time to reflect on their accomplishment! Dr. Bobbi is continuing her demanding training schedule and en route to the Louisville Ironman in October! 


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