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Dr. Robert Stanley Making Kids Smile with a White Christmas

Dr. Robert Stanley Making Kids Smile with a White Christmas

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Always wanted to wake up to a white Christmas? Drs. Robert and Bobbi Stanley of Stanley Dentistry understand!

As Christmas approached in 2008, Dr. Rob knew he wanted to give his children a Christmas to remember. “I grew up in Chicago, and I loved every white Christmas I ever experienced. There is something magical about waking up Christmas morning to a lawn full of fresh snow.”

While their children and friends hung out in the basement, Dr. Rob went to work transforming their yard into a winter-wonderland. After purchasing a snow blower, Drs. Stanley laid a four-inch base of white powder across the lawn. In a few minutes, his work was complete, ready for sledding, frolicking, and more snow day activities.

As he surveyed his work on the lawn before chaos ensued, he was able to remind himself of his own white Christmases past. “Snow makes it truly feel like Christmas. In many ways, it’s so nice that North Carolina has mild winters, but I miss the snow, especially on Christmas morning. I’m so glad I could make this happen for my kids and all of the other neighborhood children.”

When the children were called outside, shock and awe could be seen on every face. Laughing and cheering could be heard well into the night and the next day in the Cary neighborhood as children played on tubes and sleds. Snow angels were made in the lawn, and Dr. Rob continued to bring more snow to the grassy knoll. Megan Stanley, daughter of Drs. Robert and Bobbi Stanley, said, “This is the best Christmas ever! I can’t believe it’s a white Christmas!”

As local dentists, Drs. Stanley are always looking for ways to improve their community and to bring joy to all they meet. They do the very best to live out their signature phrase, “Find Your Smile.” Drs. Stanley thought that a White Christmas would bring smiles to their family and friends. Dr. Bobbi Stanley said, “That’s what we do at Stanley Dentistry …help people find their smile! This was just another way of making people happy.”

Want to find your own smile? Join us at Stanley Dentistry for a comprehensive exam to determine how we can transform your smile! We can treat you and the whole family under a single roof; with services ranging from cosmetic to orthodontics, implant dentistry to pediatrics, we can help you and your family members find your smiles today! We love helping our patients achieve the smiles of their dreams, and hope to see you in our office soon. Contact us for more information regarding your smile transformation!

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