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Drs. Robert and Bobbi Stanley Attend the Fourth Annual Conference of the IACA

Drs. Robert and Bobbi Stanley Attend the Fourth Annual Conference of the IACA

Drs. Robert and Bobbi Stanley, of Stanley Dentistry in Cary, North Carolina, attended the fourth annual International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics (IACA) conference in Orlando, July 30- August 2, 2008.

The annual conference provided Drs. Robert and Bobbi Stanley the opportunity to learn and interact with the most progressive leaders in aesthetic dentistry and its related professions. Also, Drs. Robert and Bobbi Stanley were introduced to the latest techniques and materials available today. They will be introducing new techniques into their Cary, NC practice in the coming months, specifically related porcelain veneers and orthodontia.

The IACA was established to foster dental education and is steadfast in its commitment to be a progressive, non-political, dynamic organization that is always on the cutting edge of clinical, practice management and technological advances in Aesthetic Dentistry. The organization is inclusive to all philosophies and ideas enabling professionals to determine what is best for their respective practices.

The IACA prides itself on being a scientific academy that affords its members the opportunity to become a leader in the healthcare community, while providing the best care possible for their patients. No other organization provides such a broad range of educational opportunities in advanced aesthetics.

“I really enjoyed learning about all of the new technologies available to our practice,” said Dr. Bobbi. “I want to challenge our staff to include these new techniques in our practice as so as well return to the office. I’m excited for the future of Stanley Dentistry.”

This is just one of the many important ways Drs. Robert and Bobbi Stanley have demonstrated a commitment to provide exceptional patient care. Contact us today to learn more about opportunities for a smile makeover at our office. We want to help you get the smile you deserve!

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