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Drs. Robert & Bobbi Stanley named to UNC School of Dentistry faculty

Drs. Robert & Bobbi Stanley named to UNC School of Dentistry faculty

Dr. Robert Stanley and Dr. Bobbi Stanley have been named as Adjunct Professors in the Department of Prosthodontics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) School of Dentistry. 


The UNC School of Dentistry was the first dental school in North Carolina and was founded to ensure the people of North Carolina received quality dental care through educating dental students and on-site oral health care for the public. The original mission of the school was to serve North Carolina through excellence in education, research, service and patient care. These same values are the foundation of Stanley Dentistry. 

Dr. Bobbi Stanley entered UNC School of Dentistry in the fall of 1989 and was immediately awestruck by the level of technology and research integrated with patient care. During her time there, Dr. Stanley’s career was shaped by some of the finest minds in modern dentistry. “I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be the dentist I am today without the influence and generosity of many brilliant professors at UNC”, said Dr. Bobbi. “To be able to give back through mentoring young clinicians is an honor and a privilege”, she continued.

After a almost a decade of co-owning their Cary NC dental practice, Dr. Robert Stanley decided his passion for dentistry extended beyond the operations side and into the clinic. At age 36, he left a successful career as a mechanical engineer to enroll at his wife’s alma mater and began pursuing his own career in dentistry. Upon graduation, he joined the clinical team at Stanley Dentistry with a focus on helping people find their smile through oral surgery and dental implants. “I grew up visiting my grandfather’s dental office and witnessed his immense job satisfaction. When I met Dr. Bobbi, I saw that same joy in being able to help others and wanted that for myself. I am glad to say that I’ve found my smile in my work at Stanley Dentistry. I am looking forward to being back on campus and impacting the students’ education.”

Drs. Stanley will begin their tenure at UNC School of Dentistry with the fall 2017 semester but this will not be the first time for either of them mentoring dental students. The dentists have hosted dozens of dental, dental assisting and dental hygiene students from several area schools for over 20 years in their Cary NC dental practice. Dr. Bobbi Stanley is a Senior Instructor of Orthodontics at the International Association of Orthodontics in Milwaukee Wisconsin. In 2014, they cofounded Stanley Institute for Comprehensive Dentistry and regularly offer continuing education classes for dentists both in their Cary NC facility and speaking engagements throughout the United States.  


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