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Find Your Smile

Find Your Smile


What does “Find Your Smile” mean?

It’s more than just a catchy phrase for us- it’s our life’s work. We know, that may sound a little corny, but that’s not the first time anyone has used that adjective to describe us. That’s ok though, because we’ll take that, along with passionate, dedicated, hard working, artistic, and caring.

Our primary goal of helping our patients enjoy better oral health and love their smile! We are helping people smile more and who wouldn’t love their job if you had the chance to make someone feel better about themselves on a regular basis? 

Find Your Smile


Are you ready to Find Your Smile?

Find Your Smile is about discovering what makes you happy and pursuing it. Life is short and you don’t get a do-over… so take a chance and do what moves you. Chances are you’ll put a smile on your face in the process! Dr. Rob took a chance when he decided to give up a successful career in the telecommunications industry to pursue dentistry in his 30’s. Dr. Bobbi obtained her sport pilot’s license, is the happy mother of four, a Continuing Education instructor and a full-time dentist. Here at Stanley Dentistry, we try to live our lives positively and in pursuit of our smiles, and we love helping our patients find theirs.


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Whether it’s helping someone overcome their fear of the dentist through sedation dentistry, giving a youngster a lifetime of smiles through orthodontics or helping someone move past an oral trauma with dental implants and a smile makeover, practicing dentistry is rewarding for patients and especially to the doctors and staff at Stanley Dentistry! Are you ready to Find Your Smile™?


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