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Get your smile ready for summer

Get your smile ready for summer

The smell of sunscreen and sounds of ocean waves are already on our minds! Many moms and dads are busy making summer plans. From camps to extra library trips, vacations, sleep overs and more… 
Summer is a time to enjoy family and friends, and catch up on a little R&R. Don’t let your dental health interrupt fun plans! Keep these often overlooked healthy dental habits in mind this summer. 
1. Schedule and keep dental appointmentsDon’t let travel and other summer activities get in the way of your dental health. Make and keep appointments. Putting off routine visits or avoiding necessary procedures is not a good plan. Summer is a great time to take care of these appointments while children are out of school and parents may have more flexible time. And, if you plan to travel, make time for your dental appointments before you leave. Don’t get stuck with pain or unplanned procedures during your vacation.

Regular dental exams include more than just your teeth, but your gums, tongue, lips, throat, and jaw as well. Regular cleanings help to prevent gum disease, maintain good health, keep your teeth healthy and strong, and to detect problems early. Patients who frequently visit the dentist are less likely to need invasive procedures done such as tooth extractions and root canals. Regular dental cleanings also help you keep your beautiful smile, a professional cleaning helps remove stains, plaque buildup, and tartar that cannot be addressed at home.

2. Remember to brush after eating sweet treats. You may be on summer break but your teeth are not! Don’t take a day off from good oral hygiene. Excessive sugar consumption during holidays and summer break can add up. Take time to brush after enjoying sweet summer treats like ice cream, freezer pops, soda and sports drinks…and be sure to floss daily. 

3. Water, water…Stay hydrated! Hot and humid weather makes us want more and more to drink. Replace sugary drinks with sugar-free alternatives and especially water. Paying close attention to water intake will not only help prevent dehydration, but can also contribute to better overall health. The summer is a great time to start drinking more water every day. Try keeping a log, or making it a family goal with a fun chart to track water intake.

4. Protect your grill! Whether mountain biking, roller skating, or enjoying other sports, consider wearing a mouth guard when participating in high impact activities and contact sports. Laugh now, and thank us later!

5. Apply SPF. Don’t forget your lips when applying sunscreen to your face. Lips often burn and chap from sun exposure during summer months. Protect your lips with sunscreen or a lip balm containing SPF.
6. Get a second opinion. If a dental procedure has been recommended for you, you may want to consider scheduling a consultation or second opinion with us. Both are complimentary at Stanley Dentistry.
Our Cary, North Carolina family dentist office offers the latest, most advanced dental technology and the best patient amenities in the Triangle. We want to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for our patients whether here for a dental exam and professional cleaning or a more complex dental procedure. We guarantee that your dental experience at Stanley Dentistry will be unlike any other.

But, don’t just take our word for it. See what Stanley Dentistry patients have to say. Or see our work for yourself in our smile gallery. Sometimes images are more powerful than words, especially when you have the opportunity to view before and after photos side by side. In the Smile Gallery you can browse our recent work and see real life results of how our cosmetic and restorative dentistry changed the smiles of our patients.

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