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Gummy Smile Gone



What was your experience like getting crown lengthening at Stanley Dentistry?

“I ended up coming to Stanley Dentistry because it [her gummy smile] was something I always wanted to fix when I was younger. So, I did some research online and I came to the conclusion that this was where I wanted to go to. My experience when I came in — everyone was super friendly and then I was pretty nervous about the whole procedure, but everyone made me feel very comfortable. Overall, it was a pretty good experience.

The healing process, as far as pain, I didn’t really have any. It took a few days for the swelling to go down, but other than that it was pretty minimal. The results were immediate. After they finished, they let me look at them and I could already tell a difference.

I have found everyone who works here to be helpful because I was super nervous before getting the procedure. But everyone made me comfortable and made sure that the procedure was comfortable so it was a lot of help. I would recommend this practice for anyone looking for a dental office because everyone is so helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend it.”

What is crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is one of the many different surgical procedures we offer at the office. It’s a cosmetic procedure that helps correct “gummy” smiles — or smiles that show a large percentage of the gums. People who have gummy smiles often think they have “small” teeth but in reality, their gums are just covering a majority of their teeth. Crown lengthening is a procedure that exposes those hidden teeth while also changing the shape and angle of the bone beneath the gums to ensure the gums cannot grow back over the teeth. After the procedure, patients are able to immediately see the results. Within a few weeks, the gums heal completely, leaving the patient with a perfect, symmetrical smile!

Is crown lengthening painful?

Because crown lengthening is technically an “oral surgery,” people sometimes get a little nervous before the procedure. Like all of the surgeries we do at Stanley Dentistry, crown lengthening is completely painless thanks to our sedation options. During your consultation, Dr. Robert Stanley will go over the sedation options and you’ll be allowed to choose which one you would like. You can also review all of our sedation options here, before your appointment.

After the procedure, some patients do report some minor discomfort. Fortunately, the mouth heals incredibly quickly so they can typically easily manage that pain with Tylenol and Advil.

Am I a good candidate for crown lengthening?

Wondering if crown lengthening is right for you? Call (919) 460-9665 or send our doctor a few photos of your smile through this portal. Dr. Stanley will send you a video of them talking about your case and answering any questions you have. Both the in-person and virtual consultations are 100% complimentary so there’s no reason not to schedule.

We’ll see you soon!

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