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Have your Best Wedding Smile with Stanley Dentistry

Have your Best Wedding Smile with Stanley Dentistry

The season of engagements is upon us and whether you are the bride-to-be, a wedding guest, mother of the bride or member of the wedding party, you’re sure to be on cloud nine about the upcoming nuptials. But, what if you are embarrassed about your smile and just cannot seem to express your delight? This is hardly the time to try to focus on NOT showing your gracious grin, since there’s so much to be excited about!

Stanley Dentistry in Cary NC has a team of expert smile makers and we can help you improve your smile no matter how long you have until happily ever after.

Start with the basics

First things first—get back to basics. After all the partying and revelry, it can be easy to neglect your oral hygiene. But now, more than ever, you must focus on maintaining a good home care routine and regular dental visits. Remember to brush twice a day for a full two minutes. It’s only two minutes—you can spare it. Don’t forget what your dentist told you—floss only the ones you want to keep! Space between teeth accounts for about one third of the total tooth surface. Are you ok with only cleaning a little more than half your teeth? You shouldn’t be—and your dentist certainly is not. It’s especially easy to skip brushing before bed when you have attended wedding soirees that last late into the night. This can cause serious damage to your oral health and could lead to a quick case of periodontal disease—which is contagious. That is definitely not a gift you want to bestow upon your loved one or significant other!

As we count down to the big day, there are dental services available to help you Find Your Smile! Here we break them down:


A one-year engagement is quite popular and your options for a better smile are plentiful with this much time to spare.  Dr. Bobbi Stanley provides orthodontics that may be an option to give you a straighter smile. Of course you can opt for whitening that will keep your smile looking fabulous for all those pre-wedding festivities. However, if you whiten with a year until the wedding, you will want to see your Cary NC dentist for another whitening session as the date nears since foods and drinks may deposit additional stains.

If you have damaged or missing teeth, you can see our team for a complimentary consult for dental implants. Dr. Robert Stanley and his team place and restore fully guided dental implants to give you a beautiful, natural looking smile to celebrate the season.

You also have plenty of time to consider a smile makeover with traditional veneers or no prep veneers. Stanley Dentistry offers a free consultation for those considering improving their smile for a wedding or other special occasion.


With six months until your wedding date, there may still be time to align your teeth depending on the severity of your specific case. While Invisalign or braces could be an option with six months until your event, only a dentist or orthodontist is qualified to properly diagnose whether or not you can benefit from orthodontics and what type of treatment is best for you. As mentioned, there is no charge for a consultation for Invisalign and traditional braces. Contact us right away for your initial consultation or second opinion with Dr. Bobbi Stanley.

Other options for improving your smile can still include dental implants and no prep veneers. Whitening can be done at this point but you want to be careful not to whiten too many times over a short time span. Another low cost option for a great smile is a snap-on smile and it can be crafted in a few short appointments.


You are busy-we get it. Time has flown by as you enjoyed the fun and frivolity leading up to the wedding. Now you only have one month left until the event! Here are a few simple reminders about having your best smile when you are out of time.

  • Avoid foods that can stain your teeth
  • Maintain your oral hygiene-these pictures will last a lifetime!
  • Consider whitening if you are already happy with the general structure of your smile-ZOOM! can be done in one appointment in our Cary NC Dental practice.
  • One of your out of town guests have a crown pop off? We have you covered with our same day CEREC crowns 

Here’s the most important advice we can give–and it’s not even about your teeth! Relax and enjoy this momentous occasion! The memories you make on wedding day will be with you forever!

Congratulations from your friends at Stanley Dentistry!

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