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How to have your best holiday smile

How to have your best holiday smile

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Sure, we’ll admit we’re biased. However, most will probably agree that a person’s smile takes center stage. In fact, more than half of people surveyed admit that a smile is the first thing they notice when meeting someone new. Never is this more important than the season of endless parties and festive gatherings.

As they say, it is that time of year…and there will be more selfies, photos with loved ones, and of course a few unfortunate moments captured for posterity, in the next few weeks than the rest of the year. Since we’re in the business of smiles, we know a few tried and true tricks to help make your photos look their very best this holiday!


Keep those lips supple. It doesn’t matter how grand your grill if you have cracked, dry, chapped lips framing your smile. It’s simple—keep some chapstick or petroleum jelly in the car. Swipe a little on and rub it in every morning on the way to work or school and you will keep your lips luscious. And guys…we’re looking at you too. We get it; chapstick isn’t high on your list of priorities. Reprioritize. Your gal WILL notice.


Yep, we know, we’re a broken record. But, we’re going to say it for the umpteenth time. Brush your teeth before you go out. Your smile will look fresher and when you’re close talking because the party is loud, your fellow partygoer will thank you-even if they don’t say it out loud.

Smile and say cheese!

OK, that is solid advice but we’ve got a few more pro tips for you. Prior to hitting the party scene, take two minutes and practice your photo look in the mirror. No, we’re not joking. Here’s the rundown for your warm-up:

  • Stand up straight. Nothing ruins the pic like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Keep that posture pert!
  • Practice your smile—teeth showing? Closed mouth? Grin? You decide which way to rock it.
  • TURTLE! This is key. If you have no idea what we’re talking about picture a turtle poking its little head out of its shell. Got it in your mind’s eye? He’s stretched his neck wayyy out to get the lay of the land. Are you going to feel awkward imitating this move? Probably. Will you regret not doing the turtle and sporting the double chin? Definitely. Trust us—you won’t look ridiculous in the final shot. But, this is something you will want to give a whirl before you head out. If you want a more advanced tutorial, check out world-renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley’s expert advice.

Beware of foods & drinks that can stain!

There are all sorts of additional opportunities for teeth staining delicacies around the holidays. These include delightful dessert coffees, robust red wines and colorful cocktails. Be sure to follow up with a glass of water to help remove residue from your teeth.

If the rest of the year has already taken a toll on your teeth, call us to chat about whitening. Our team of experts can schedule a complimentary whitening consultation to decide which option will work best for your individual needs. BONUS: Until December 23, receive $100 off ZOOM! whitening!

Last but not least, please brush your teeth when you get home from your frivolity. It’s only two minutes and it’s REALLY important. When you skip brushing and you turn on the incubator (your warm, closed mouth while you sleep), you are allowing bacteria to attach to your teeth. Your body has an immune response to this bacteria and sends inflammatory chemicals to the area to kill germs. In addition to handling the bacteria, these chemicals can cause tissue and ligament damage. These are the very tissues and ligaments that hold your teeth in your jaws. You want to keep those in tip top shape.

Relax, enjoy and let your smile be your best accessory this holiday season!

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