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Improved Cleanings with Our New LED Tool

Improved Cleanings with Our New LED Tool

Stanley Dentistry has added more amazing technology into our office to enhance your experience. We are proud to announce that we have added another great tool to our line up of dental technology: insight Ultrasonic Inserts!

Insight Ultrasonic Inserts help your dental hygienist provide the best dental cleaning possible. This new device features 360-degree swivel and LED illumination, allowing for better cleaning of all areas of your teeth. While using this tool, your dental hygienist can rely less on overhead lights and positioning and focus more on cleaning your teeth. Insight Ultrasonic Inserts also feature an all in one precision water delivery system.  All of this means you receive a faster, more comfortable, and more thorough cleaning.

When cleaning your teeth, our Stanley hygienists use Insight Ultrasonic Inserts to remove calculus and plaque from your teeth. This tool also works to remove furcations from your mouth, areas where bone loss has occurred in the mouth. This leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh, and your dentist happy with your smile!

Of the new tool, one Stanley hygienist said, “We love this tool! I’m able to give my patients a significantly improved preventative care appointment with the Insight Ultrasonic Insert! We can’t wait to try out this new tool on all of our patients!”

The hygienists at Stanley are ready to try out their new tool on you! Dental hygiene is the single most effective tool you have at your disposal to protect your mouth from decay. Make sure you are scheduling your preventative care appointments every six months!

In a preventative care appointment in our Cary, NC office, you will meet your hygienist and discuss your dental needs, including avoiding cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more. We also include fluoride varnish and oral cancer screenings at every preventative care you make. We care about the health of your mouth and we want to make your pearly whites shine bright.

Please contact our Cary office to learn more about how our new Insight Ultrasonic Inserts can make your next cleaning a faster, more pleasant experience and to schedule your next preventative care appointment!

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