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Ironman Training-Dr. Bobbi’s Race for Good Health

Ironman Training-Dr. Bobbi’s Race for Good Health

For more than 22 years Dr. Bobbi Stanley has been counseling her dental patients on achieving and/or maintaining good health. “Oral health is the gateway to overall health. So many health concerns, including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke are associated with issues originating in the mouth,” Dr. Bobbi advises. 
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However, good oral health is not the only thing on Dr. Bobbi’s mind lately. The Cary dentist, dental continuing education instructor, wife and mother of four celebrated half a century in 2016 and the milestone birthday got her thinking about her bucket list. She enjoys traveling, learning and physical fitness. She thought, why not combine all three? Dr. Bobbi has set her sites on one of the ultimate athletic feats in modern history–the Ironman Triathlon.
“I’ve always believed in being physically fit. The Ironman competition just takes that to a whole new level,” mused Dr. Bobbi. As a veteran of many shorter triathlons, including the Azalea Sprint in Wilmington this March and the White Lake Spring International Triathlon in April, as well as marathons and half marathons, Dr. Bobbi is fully-aware of the challenges ahead. However, she remains focused on her goal of competing in the 2017 Louisville Ironman. “It has definitely been a learning experience. I’ve really focused on giving my body what it needs, like proper rest and nutrition, so that it will perform at this demanding fitness level. The human body is truly amazing.” said Dr. Bobbi. 
Dr. Bobbi has been training with her cousins and will travel to the Louisville Ironman in October. 
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