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Make your floss game strong…when you don’t like to floss.

Make your floss game strong…when you don’t like to floss.

For nearly 25 years, Stanley Dentistry has been encouraging patients to floss everyday. As a result, each day in our clinic, we hear the most amazing reasons excuses about why people just didn’t get around to flossing.

“I don’t have time.”

“I never get food stuck in my teeth.”

“It hurts and makes my gums bleed.”

Whatever your reason, the fact remains that not flossing regularly leaves about one-third of the tooth surface not cleaned. Tooth brushing alone cannot remove all the bacteria and food debris that gets lodged between teeth and under the gum line. While traditional flossing is one method of removing buildup, it may not be optimal depending on your oral healthcare needs.

More than half of American adults have some type of gum disease, which causes a myriad of oral health problems including tooth loss, bad breath and more serious issues such as complications with heart disease and diabetes. NOW is the time to consider using a Hydrofloss to improve your oral health.

  • Hydrofloss is clinically proven to leave 64% less plaque than other (non-magnetic) irrigators or water flossers.
  • Hydro Floss can be gentler on tender, bleeding gums and periodontal (gum disease) pockets.
  • Hydro Floss is more effective for high-risk patients such as those with orthodontics (braces), crowns, bridgework and implants. Traditional brushing and flossing can be difficult in these scenarios.
  • Hydro Floss is easier to use than string floss, which can be helpful to those with physical disabilities.
  • Hydro Floss extends below the gum line where brushing and flossing cannot reach.
  • Hydro Floss has been shown to reduce inflammation and speed healing after dental procedures.

Simply put, Hydro Floss combines the science of magnetics with the proven results of oral irrigation. It keeps gums healthy and firm which results in a stronger foundation for your teeth’s connection to the jawbone.

If you have experienced issues related to gum disease or fall into a high-risk category, a Hydro Floss may be just what the doctor ordered to get your oral health back on track! Call our office today to speak with a Patient Liasion about scheduling an appointment with one of our dental team members to learn more about how a Hydro Floss works!

Learn more about Hydro Floss today!

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