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Non-Surgical Orthodontic Treatment

Non-Surgical Orthodontic Treatment

Why did you decide to come to Stanley Dentistry?

“So, at first, I was just doing a Google search, looking for a dental or orthodontic practice nearby. I saw that Dr. Bobbi Stanley’s rating was really high so I decided to come in and have a regular checkup and find a regular dentist that I can go to. 

Can you explain your orthodontic problems?

I’ve always had an overjet (when the upper teeth protrude outward and sit over the bottom teeth). You know, my teeth were not straight and one of them was folding over the other. Initially, I wasn’t able to get braces because I had a pretty severe underbite and the doctor recommended surgery. I didn’t quite want to go through with that.

So, Dr. Bobbi Stanley informed me that there was a way to not do it (resort to surgery). Essentially, [Dr. Bobbi] uses devices to push the jaw forward, [so as to] kind of expand it. I was told that you can’t do [that technique] with adults but, as it turns out, that isn’t true. I was able to do that without resorting to surgery.

What was your reaction to Dr. Bobbi telling you that you didn’t need surgery?

I was a little surprised for sure. Just because I had previous opinions that pretty much said: “Hey, kind of have to do the surgery.” So, for me, that was definitely a pleasant surprise. And, you know, with surgery, there are always side effects. I don’t know if I want to take that risk. So, when Dr. Bobbi Stanley informed me that I can get my teeth fixed without surgery, you know, I was totally in for it. 

How long did your treatment take?

It was a long process. It took about…well, I can’t remember. Maybe over three years because, as an adult, I think your teeth move a little slower. But, all this time has been a very pleasant experience. I had no pain. Brenda, who was usually the one to help me out, she’s incredible. Dr. Bobbi Stanley is great. I really have no complaint. Just coming in once a month. 

It’s pretty easy and you know, I think everyone here is very professional and I can tell that everyone genuinely wants to help you out and wants to give you a good smile. That creates a relaxed, family-like atmosphere. 

Would you recommend Stanley Dentistry?

I would definitely recommend Stanley Dentistry. I think the best thing is that you can kind of feel like everyone here has the same goal. There’s something different about people who want to be in the dentistry practice…because everyone, in the back of their mind, is thinking “I just want to give someone a very good smile.” That’s definitely the vibe I get from this practice.”

Ready to schedule? 

If you’ve been told surgery is the only option to correct your dental misalignment, come in for a complimentary consult at Stanley Dentistry. We’ll go over your treatment options and Dr. Bobbi will let you know if braces are right for you. To set up an appointment, call (919) 460-9665 today!

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