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Scheduling Institute 5X Conference

Scheduling Institute 5X Conference

Stanley Dentistry continued education

In October, the Stanley team traveled to Atlanta for three days of learning, leadership training, and team building at the Scheduling Institute’s 5x Conference. 

The team heard from speakers like Bill Rancic, the first winer of Donald Trump’s NBC show the Apprentice; Walter Bond, former NBA player; Kerri Strug, two time Olympian and gold medalist; Lt. Rorke Denver, leader of Special Forces in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and other international countries; as well as Jay Geier, the owner of the Scheduling Institute (SI). 

Founder & President of SI, Jay Geier, said, “I created this event to be the largest, most exciting event ever held in the history of dentistry. I know that many doctors and their teams never get out of the office together to focus on their vision and engagement in growing the practice. And I know from 25 years of doing what we do that it’s one of the most important things that has to happen in order to significantly grow. So this event was all about getting doctors and their team members to increase their commitment level to the practice and their engagement in what they’re doing.”

Over 5,200 dentists and their team descended on Atlanta’s Phillips Arena for the first ever 5x Dental Summit Event. Teams came from the across the country, with 48 states represented in the pack.  

The Stanley team learned a lot about leadership strategies, accountability, being competitive, overcoming obstacles, surviving daily challenges, and building relationships. They also got to end the conference with a little fun at a Trace Adkins concert! 

Dr. Bobbi, Dr. Rob, Dr. Dalton and the entire Stanley team retuned with renewed motivation and new tips to help provide even better service for their patients!

Scheduling Institute (SI) is the largest training and coaching company in dentistry. With more than 20+ years of experience, the Scheduling Institute has trained thousands of offices, coached hundreds of doctors and hosted thousands at events and workshops. SI has a 36,378 square foot building at their headquarters campus in north Atlanta, Georgia, a 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art training center near the Atlanta airport and will open their newest 23,000 square foot training center in Phoenix early 2015. The Scheduling Institute provides proven practice growth solutions for growing every area of a practice, while teaching clients the importance of positively impacting patients, staff members, families, and community. To learn more about the Scheduling Institute, please visit:

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