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Should I Get Gum Grafting?

Should I Get Gum Grafting?

The solution to gum recession

“Hello everyone, Dr. Robert Stanley, Smile Engineer here. Today I want to talk to you about solutions for gum recession. If you’ve been diagnosed with having gums that are moving away from the tooth, or your teeth are starting to look long, there are two main types of solutions that we do. They’re both grafting solutions — it’s just where the graft material comes from.

The first option is to take the graft material from somewhere else in the body. Typically, we take it from the roof of the mouth. And then what we do is we simply move it to the area that needs it. We put it on the roots of those teeth so that they’re protected.

The second option, which sounds a lot better to most people, is an option where we actually open a package and take out an acellular dermal matrix, which basically means a material that comes out of a bag. We hydrate it and we then place that where we have the defect.

In both scenarios, we get great results. But there is some clinical decision making that needs to be determined behind the scenes that your doctor will take care of to make sure they are giving you the right solution for the right location in the mouth. Some of these solutions work better in certain areas than others.

Why choose gum grafting?

So, why do we do root coverage? If we have this lengthening of the tooth, why do we need to do any of these procedures? And the answer is, when you see a longer tooth, and the gums are running away from the tooth, what you’re actually seeing underneath that is bone loss. We’re not just seeing the gums getting longer and running away from the tooth, but the bone underneath it is melting away.

If the bone melts away too much around a tooth, you can imagine that eventually the tooth will become loose and you might lose that tooth. So, the main reason why we’d want to do an intervention where we stop this from occurring or slow it down significantly is to prevent the loss of the tooth long-term.

The second reason we would do it is for aesthetics. Say, for instance, you smile and when you smile, you have this defect in your smile line. You see these really long teeth and you’re like, “I don’t want my teeth to be really long in this region. I want them to look like they were when I was younger.” This would be an aesthetic reason. Hopefully, that helps!”

Gum recession solutions at Stanley Dentistry

Interested in getting gum grafting done? Schedule a complimentary consultation today with Dr. Robert Stanley to learn more about the procedure, if it’s right for you, and how much it costs. We’ll see you soon!

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