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Sleep Apnea Dentists Attend AADSM/AASM Meeting

Sleep Apnea Dentists Attend AADSM/AASM Meeting

Drs. Robert and Bobbi Stanley of Stanley Dentistry attended the 19th annual meeting of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine in San Antonio, Texas. The AADSM is an organization that promotes the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders such as sleep apnea, through the use of oral appliances and upper airway surgery.

The meeting is a scientific program that features presentations from dentists, physicians, researchers and other professionals in the sleep medicine arena. The meeting also featured educational courses that will teach dentists of all experience levels in dental sleep medicine.

Sleep apnea is a dangerous, sometimes life threatening, disorder that affects a large percentage of the population. Treatment for sleep apnea is often a CPAP machine. Yet, some people cannot tolerate the CPAP machine. For those people with mild to moderate sleep apnea, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has recommended the use of an oral sleep apnea appliance.

“Oral appliances are a great alternative to the CPAP for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea. It is important that oral appliances are made by a trained sleep apnea dentist. That is why we, at Stanley Dentistry, attend the AADSM meetings and stay abreast of the latest protocols in sleep dentistry.” states Dr. Robert Stanley.

“We go beyond just making an oral appliance for the treatment of sleep apnea. It is imperative to make sure the oral appliance is actually working.” says Dr. Bobbi Stanley. “At Stanley Dentistry, we have a level III sleep monitor for our patients to take home with them and use in the comfort of their own bed. This allows us to ensure that the oral appliance is opening the airway and preventing sleep apnea episodes.”

Sleep apnea therapy is not complete once the appliance is dispensed. After sleeping with the appliance in place, the patient returns to the dental clinic with the sleep monitor and the corresponding data is analyzed. If the appliance is not performing, as the doctor deems appropriate, it will be calibrated until working optimally.

Stanley Dentistry is a comprehensive dental practice conveniently located in the heart of Cary North Carolina. We are accepting new patients for sleep apnea therapy, as well as, our full complement of dental services. Contact us today to Find Your Smile!

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