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Smile Trial Is Back by Popular Demand!

Smile Trial Is Back by Popular Demand!

Due to its popularity with patients considering a Smile Makeover, Dr. Bobbi Stanley has brought back last year’s “Smile Trial” to her Cary NC dental practice.

Dr. Stanley has done hundreds of smile makeovers including work with celebrities like Clay Aiken and Carolina Hurricanes players. While her patients are beyond thrilled with the results, it does require a significant investment. “We use the most current procedures, like no-prep veneers, lumineers and more for our cosmetic dental patients”, said Dr. Bobbi Stanley. She continued, “We use the highest quality materials available on the market and the best dental labs in the country. This emphasis on quality comes at a price and we understand this level of investment requires serious consideration. We want to help our patients make the decision that is best for them which is why we’ve partnered with one of our preferred labs to offer a ‘Try before you buy’ approach to cosmetic dentistry.”

The complimentary program involves an appointment where dental molds will be taken and Dr. Bobbi will place an order for a wax mock-up for the dental crowns, no prep veneers, lumineers or traditional veneers that best suit the desired esthetic outcome. The impressions are sent to the lab and in a few weeks a wax version of the new smile is returned to Stanley Dentistry in Cary NC. 

At this point the patient is asked to come for a smile try-in and encouraged to bring friends and family that can give their feedback on the new look. Once the model is properly fitted, pictures are taken and finally the patient is ready for the reveal! “People are literally stunned”, said Dr. Bobbi. “After avoiding smiling for years, they can’t stop smiling. And absolutely no one wants to remove the model. It really is a powerful moment.”

This risk-free promotion is only available until March 31 during the “New Year, New You” promotion. If you have ever considered rejuvenating your smile, NOW is the time. Contact Stanley Dentistry today and ask if the Smile Trial might be right for you!


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