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Stanley Dentistry Certified Dental Assistant attends Orthodontic Conference

Stanley Dentistry Certified Dental Assistant attends Orthodontic Conference

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Over the weekend, Certified Dental Assistant Brenda Alexander attended a continuing education course, Advanced Orthodontic Assistant Training, presented by Susan Coffey, RDA of The American Orthodontic Society.

The course was held in Addison, TX on August 5-7. The program reviewed the six keys of occlusion: molar relationship, teeth rotations, tight contacts, tooth position (forward or backward angles) and arch curvature. 

Susan Coffey, RDA at The American Orthodontic Society

The agenda included reviewing case studies to identify varying degrees of malocclusion (bad bite) and skeletal growth patterns as identified through cephalometric x-ray. In addition to the speaker presentations, participants were able to complete hands-on exercises and implement their training to correct the issues studied. One of the hands-on activities included moving teeth with a 3D Appliance to fit the patient’s natural arch for lifelong functionality.

Brenda thoroughly enjoyed the weekend course and said, “At Stanley Dentistry, we are focused on proper alignment of the arch and jaw, as well as a beautiful smile. Courses like this one help us perfect our technique, and expand upon what we’re already doing. I was able to bring a lot of great information back to the office to share with my colleagues.”

Brenda assists Dr. Bobbi Stanley with traditional braces and Invisalign and Dr. Evie Sabet with sleep appliances and Invisalign at Stanley Dentistry in Cary NC. She is also an instructor at Stanley Institute for Comprehensive Dentistry.

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