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Stanley Dentistry Construction

Stanley Dentistry Construction

Stanley Dentistry Construction

Excuse our dust! We have some exciting news we’re eager to share at Stanley Dentistry! We will be expanding our office in order to provide you with even better care!

What is in the works?

We’re very excited about all of the changes taking place at Stanley. We will be adding six more exam rooms so you can easily schedule the treatment you need, and will double the size of our practice. We will have two dedicated orthodontic rooms to accommodate both our child and adult orthodontic patients, and to be able to house even more patients. We will also have two dedicated surgical suites for our dental implant, bone and gum grafting patients.  These suites will also be available to all of our sedation patients as well, and our nurse anesthetist will be available for any sedation and all of your sedation needs. We will also be updating the concierge and reception areas, as well as the smile studio! All of the changes we are implementing are dedicated to providing our patients with better service and an even better dental experience.

Of the updates, Dr. Bobbi Stanley said, “We’re very excited to bring this new space to our patients. I believe we will be able to better serve our current patients by providing expanded services and a wider range of dental options to fit their needs. I’m exited to see all of the changes taking place, and we look forward to sharing them with all of you!”

What does that mean for you?

An enhanced, more comfortable experience in our Cary, NC office! Our updates are specifically focused on our patient care, and how we can better serve you at your dentist. We’re so excited to share our updates with you, and to show off our new space.

In the mean time, please excuse the inconvenience over the next few weeks as we complete the updates. We are very excited about the changes and can’t wait unveil the new and improved Stanley Dentistry office soon!

How can you help?

We want to hear from you how we can better serve you with our expanded office! Contact us today with your suggestions for improving our office, and for your experience Stanley Dentistry!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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