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Stanley Goes Green!

Stanley Goes Green!

Stanley Dentistry more eco-friendly

At Stanley Dentistry, we’re doing our part for the environment—inside the office and outside the office.

Over the course of the year, patients and staff noticed our lobby and front operatories were exceedingly cold in the winter and dreadfully warm in the summer. After searching for options to take us off the heat/AC merry-go-round (with utility bills to match), we found a Cary, NC company who is experiencing successful energy savings with VEP-Enerlogic Window Film.

Manufactured by Solutia, Inc (a division of Eastman Chemical Company), the window films enhance the solar and thermal performance of a building’s windows. It does this by reducing excessive solar heat gain thus reducing cooling loads and peak demand.

After years of heating and air condition tug-of-war between the front and back offices, we installed the window film on the 14 front facing windows in our newly remodeled office.

Our newly remodeled office includes 6 brand new operatories, including 2 dedicated completely to our orthodontic patients; this expansion has nearly doubled our capacity to treat you and your entire family! We have also created two new surgical suites for our dental implant patients, and those in need of bone and gum grafting. Surgical suites will also feature sedation options to all of our patients. Let our nurse anesthetist make your appointment as comfortable as possible by providing sedation to fit your dental needs. A new remodeled reception area, conference room, and smile studio also await your next visit to our office. We are currently offering tours of our new space, so be sure to ask you provider for one next time you are here!

With 100 degree temps on the horizon, we’re looking forward to a climate controlled, more earth-friendly summer, along with settling into our new space. This is one more way Stanley Dentistry is making your dental experience the best it can be…and a little planet saving to boot!

Ready to come see our newly renovated office complete with green windows? We would love to see you! Contact us today to schedule your appointment! 

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