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The Telephone Game

The Telephone Game

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The Telephone Game: everyone has played it! Remember the childhood game? The first person in the circle says a few words and it gets passed around and by the time it gets back to the first person the phrase is entirely wrong? It is a funny game to play with children, and even as an adult, but when healthcare is involved, Telephone is no longer a game. Ever played healthcare telephone? Tried to call one office only to be told you have to call a different office to receive a specific service? Or made one appointment only to be told at that appointment that you have to receive special paperwork from a different office before you can be seen? At that point, telephone is definitely no longer a game!


Stanley Dentistry strives to treat patients far better than the telephone game. As a comprehensive dental practice, Stanley is equipped to perform nearly every dental procedure, from oral surgery to preventative care, to orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry and more. As general dentists, all three doctors in practice at Stanley Dentistry have a uniquely broad mindset from which to diagnose patients and are capable of performing any procedure, but each doctor has an area of focus. These areas are the focus of their continuing education beyond their dental degrees, and ensure that their patients do not have to be shuffled from office to office to receive the treatment they need.

The story is the same over and over again — patients with extensive work are sent from office to office to get treatment, shuffling back and forth across town with paperwork and appointments. Often, stories like this are prevalent: “I first went to a general dentist for my cleaning, who sent me to a periodontist for my gums to be cleaned, who sent me to an endodontist for the root canal I needed. The endodontist sent me to a cosmetic dentist to receive the crown for the tooth I had root canaled, and then sent me on to the oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth removal…” The list goes on and on, with patients left feeling herded like sheep, a both time-consuming and cost-heavy process.

Additionally, the margin of error from practitioner to practitioner is widened every time a patient visits a new office. “If a patient is herded from office to office playing the telephone game, oftentimes the original doctor’s treatment prescription gets lost in translation,” says Dr. Robert Stanley, who focuses in oral surgery and dental implant at Stanley. “It’s never intentional, but important pieces of information are left out of treatment notes and prescriptions when paperwork is pushed back and forth from office to office. We have heard horror stories from our patients about their previous experience. As a dentist, I want to have the most amount of control I can have over my patients’ treatment. We have found by partnering with the other dentists in our practice, and by practicing alongside my wife, I’m able to be a better dentist, and give far superior care to my patients.”

Stanley Dentistry wants to minimize the hassle in patients’ lives by creating a spa-like dental experience. Drs. Stanley complete ten times the amount of required number of continuing education hours asked by the state dental board to be able to provide as much treatment in office as possible for their patients. As general dentists, Stanley doctors are able to provide a wide array of treatments including periodontal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, dental implants, TMD/TMJ treatment, frenectomies and more. “Our goal is to be able to treat any problem that a patient could possibly present to us. We do not ever want our patients to play the telephone game,” said Dr. Bobbi Stanley, who has been in practice in the Triangle for more than 25 years. “If you’re ready to stop playing the telephone game with your smile, please give us a call. We’d love to help you find your smile.”

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