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Top 5 Foods to Avoid for a Healthier Smile

Top 5 Foods to Avoid for a Healthier Smile

Dr. Bobbi Stanley was honored to be asked by the North Carolina Dental Society to weigh in on foods to avoid for better oral health on WPTF 680!

Dr. Bobbi’s Top 5 Foods to Avoid for a Healthier Smile are: 

  • Sticky Hard Candies
  • Highly Acidic Food
  • Sugary foods and drinks
  • Crunchy Snack Foods
  • Ice

Sticky, hard candies like Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, Milk Duds, and Starburst can easily break teeth and get stuck to the enamel of teeth. These foods are usually not a problem for adults, but are often favorites for children. When shopping for candy, be sure to look for low sugar and sugar free options. Sugar free gummy bears, Jolly Ranchers, and Lifesavers are great options for those with a sweet tooth!

Highly acidic food such as fruit and juice can also erode tooth enamel. Dr. Bobbi recommends limiting how long acidic acids from these types of food and drinks stay on the teeth. “If you are going to have the high citric fruits or veggies, then at least when you’re done, make sure you are rinsing your mouth with some water and getting that acidity off of your teeth.”

Crunchy snack foods can do major damage to teeth, as well. Chips and crackers have a tendency to get stuck between the teeth and can cause major problems, such as cavities, or active decay in the mouth. If you’re snacking, make sure to brush your teeth and floss at least once a day! Flossing is the easiest way to make sure all the nooks and crannies are clean.

Sugary foods and drinks also cause lots of damage to teeth, but also the rest of the body. Straws are an easy way to bypass the teeth, and to help protect teeth from further decay. Dr. Bobbi recommends keeping straws handy in your car, purse, and desk at work so that you can pull one out at a moment’s notice. Also try to avoid sipping on soda throughout the day; have a soda with a meal rather than sipping throughout the day to protect your teeth from decay.

Chewing ice is a terrible habit for the mouth as well. The cold of ice makes teeth brittle and the crunching motion easily damages teeth enamel. Repeatedly crunching on ice is a surefire way to cause damage to your enamel that will have to be fixed with dental procedures, such as fillings and crowns. Make sure to protect your teeth from active decay by not chewing or chomping on ice!

Want to know how to keep your smile in tip top shape and still enjoy these foods? Listen to the entire interview with Scott Briggaman from WPTF 680 News here by clicking below:

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