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Travel Hacks to keep you smiling

Travel Hacks to keep you smiling

It’s crazy this time of year with gifts to buy, parties to attend and travel on the horizon. As we manage the fabulous madness of the holiday season, it’s easy to forget things—even the basics! In fact, nearly 25% of people admit to leaving this essential behind—a toothbrush. Surprisingly, women, despite taking an average of one day longer to pack than men, are more likely to leave their trusty toothbrush behind.

If you need a helping hand to Find Your Smile in the midst of holiday travels, your friends at Stanley Dentistry have you covered from dealing with forgotten toiletries to the best way to handle a delayed flight.

Travel Hack #1: When packing, use a checklist

Truthfully, almost everything in life can use a checklist. Nothing can harsh your vibe more than forgetting something you really need or want while traveling.  If you take a few moments to write out a checklist, you are less likely to forget essentials (however you define essentials) and can fully enjoy your adventure with everything from your toothbrush to the perfect little black dress (LBD) you found at the mall!

BUT… it’s not the end of the world if you overlook something when preparing for your getaway. Most hotels offer complimentary toiletries to guests and if you are staying with a friend they may have a hidden treasure trove of leftover travel size toiletries from their own expeditions. If neither scenario speaks to your situation, there’s good news. We live in a modern world with a Duane Reade or Walgreens on every corner so you won’t have to go without for too long!

Travel Hack #2: Pack light

The place to start is at the beginning… buying a suitcase or travel bag. Everyone loves to travel but NOBODY likes to pack. Successful packing begins with your gear and ends with what you put in it! Here are a couple of basics to remember to help lighten your load—both mentally and physically!

Travel experts from around the globe agree that you will pack the bag you buy— meaning you are probably going to fill your bag no matter what size it is. On that note, the prevailing advice is to buy nothing larger than a carry-on. When you pack your bag, fill it with a versatile wardrobe and items that pull double duty so you can mix and match easily for different looks. For a 2-minute travel-packing hack video, check out these tips from the pros at Heathrow airport.


“On a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy.” ~Spanish proverb


Travel Hack #3: Pack healthy snacks

We all know airport food is pricey but it’s typically not too healthy either. As usual, if it will haunt your waistline, it’s probably no good for your pearly whites either. Examples of healthy packable snacks include fruit and granola bars. Stay away from sticky, sweet foods like gummy bears or other candies. They will basically form into a cavity glue on your teeth as you head to an otherwise lovely holiday!

Travel Hack #4: Stay hydrated

In addition to keeping your smile clean and your pack light, don’t forget to drink plenty of water and keep your body moisturized! Recirculated air on planes and the dry air in hotels can leave you feeling dehydrated. Throw some chapstick in your pocket to keep your lips smooth and don’t forget your reusable water bottle when you are out and about. While travel restrictions prohibit you from bringing water through security, you can still satisfy your 8 glasses a day water requirement by bringing an empty water bottle. Airports (and many other places) have specially designed fountains to accommodate water bottle refills, that way you don’t have to pay for an overpriced bottle of water.

Travel Hack #5: Make it rain smiles

So, you’re traveling… Your kids are screaming… Your head hurts… and the guy next to you is snoring… We could go on but we will not. Whether the plane is late or you got the king size bed instead of two queens, chances are good that all will NOT go according to even the best-laid plans. It is important to remember that life happens. Getting upset about it won’t help. You know what might diffuse an otherwise flawed situation? A simple smile. Research shows that smiling is contagious, it makes us appear more attractive, it elevates our mood and the moods of those around us and can possibly lengthen your life—win, win, win, win! It’s more common sense than hard data but we contend you are more likely to have your issue resolved with a smile and a kind word in lieu of a grimace!

As you travel this season, enjoy the gift of being present, no matter your location. 


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