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Turning Those Frowns Upside Down!

Turning Those Frowns Upside Down!

Stanley Dentistry's Treasure Tower

Can you envision a trip to the family dentist without the tears and screams that sometimes occur when bringing little ones to see the dentist? Although it sounds too good to be true, we have the answer! We are proud to announce that Stanley Dentistry has found the key to keeping our youngest patients smiling and excited about their next trip to the dentist.

Bracelets, bouncy balls and ninjas, Oh My! Our newly added Treasure Tower is just the motivation our Stanley kiddos need to get excited about having their wellness exams and professional teeth cleanings twice a year. Team members carry a bag of shiny gold tokens in their lab coats and liberally give them to our super patients and those suffering from butterflies. A trip to the treasure tower will keep the smiles going even after you leave the office and its sugar free so we don’t have to worry about those pesky cavity bugs!

It’s hard to say who is more excited about the new addition, the children or the staff? Team members can’t wait to begin giving our outstanding patients the prizes they’ve earned. “Many times the promise of a trip to the Treasure Tower can help children find their inner strength to be a good helper to the dentist,” said Dr. Bobbi Stanley, principal dentist at Stanley Dentistry and mom of four!

The American Dental Association recommends children visit the dentist soon after their first birthday. The appointment offers peace of mind for parents regarding oral health and proper growth and development of deciduous teeth (baby teeth). However, acclimating children to the dentist at an early age helps establish a level of comfort that can lead to a lifetime of optimal oral health and perhaps better overall health.

Stanley Dentistry is accepting new pediatric dental patients and patients of all ages. We are a comprehensive dental practice equipped to handle the needs of everyone in your family! We would be honored to partner with your family to Find Your Smile!


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