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Use your tax refund to invest in your health

Use your tax refund to invest in your health

Tax time is almost here but many have already filed and are receiving their tax refunds. Often the temptation is great to buy a new purse or some shoes you had your eye on. But, the truth is that your very best accessory is your smile! While a trendy bag may instill confidence for a season or two, a fabulous smile can last a lifetime!

In addition to keeping your mouth clean, regular hygiene visits are necessary for better overall health. In recent years dozens of scientific studies have been published on the oral/systemic health connection.  Links are being shown between poor oral health and diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, and even pregnancy complications.

Stanley Dentistry is a comprehensive family dentist in Cary NC. We can help improve your smile using the latest in dental care and techniques. From cosmetic procedures to oral surgery, we are here to help you have the smile you deserve!

A smile makeover can be minimally invasive, can be done in as little as one appointment, are relatively pain free and make a BIG difference for your smile, health and well-being. Options can include:


A whiter, brighter smile can illuminate your entire face. Teeth whitening services in Cary NC include take-home whitening, Zoom and KoR. Stanley Dentistry offers a complimentary in-office whitening consult. At the appointment, you and your dentist can decide on which method of whitening is best for you based on your oral health and desired aesthetic outcome.


Dr. Bobbi Stanley is a premiere provider of Invisalign and offers traditional braces as well. Treatment time can range from as little as six months with either service, depending on your specific case. Both adults and children may benefit from orthodontics. Dr. Stanley is pleased to offer a complimentary consult in her Cary NC dental practice to determine if Invisalign or traditional braces might be right for you or your child/teen.

No Prep Veneers

Prepless veneers do not “prep” or alter the tooth structure like a traditional dental crowns or veneers, therefore the entire process can be reversed. A thin veneer material is bonded to your tooth for a perfect smile! The consultation is offered at no charge and can be scheduled by contacting us.

Crown Lengthening

Have you ever noticed that your smile looks gummy? Would you like to ditch your gummy smile for a sexy smile that shows more of your hidden tooth structure? We use laser contouring to reveal your natural teeth and effectively raise your gumline for a more natural looking smile with aesthetic crown lengthening. The consult with Dr. Robert Stanley is free and he is currently accepting new patients.


Sometimes referred to as your “3rd set of teeth”, dental implants can correct diseased, damaged or missing teeth. Whether you are missing one tooth or need upper and lower teeth, our team can help! Dr. Robert Stanley relies on his background as an engineer and dentist to provide fully guided implant surgery in Cary NC. After precise placement of top of the line implants, a crown (or tooth) is delivered. While many are running all over town to have one dental specialist place the implant and a separate dentist restore it (or put a crown on the implant), we use the same team under one roof for the best results in implant dentistry. Dental implants improve your smile and improve your overall health. We offer a complimentary consultation but appointments are limited.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and get started on your smile investment! 

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