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Where in the World is Stanley Dentistry?

Where in the World is Stanley Dentistry?

Where in the World is Stanley Dentistry?

Want to share your beautifully brilliant white smile with the world? We want you to!

We want you to find your smile wherever you go, whether it is across town, across the country, or across the world. We love showing our Stanley Dentistry pride on all of our adventures, big and small, and we want you to share your pride too! Plus, we want to keep you hydrated with our brand new water bottles!

We want YOU to join in on the fun!

Take a picture with your Stanley Dentistry water bottle and send it in to us showing us where in the world you have been! Be entered to win a prize when you send your photo in to us. Don’t have a water bottle? You can pick one up at our office!

The prize? A take home whitening kit on us! We want to give you the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of by providing you with take home whitening. Whitening is a simple process to enhance your teeth from dingy to pearly whites. We want to give you a beautiful smile in only a few minutes each day!  Learn about our in-office and take home whitening options when you schedule appointment. We have whitening options to fit your needs and budget.

We hope you find your smiles wherever you are, and if you do, we want you see your beautiful Stanley smile! When we see our patients enjoying their smiles, it makes us love what we do even more. We love to see photos and videos of our patients impacting other with their smiles, and enjoying life to the fullest!

When you share your photos with us, we want to share with our other patients too. We will also be posting our photos on our Facebook page. Like and share your favorite photos of the team and our patients!

Not quite ready to show off your smile yet? Join in by guessing where the Stanley team is! As we share pictures on our social media pages, be the first to guess where we are in the photo and win your own take home whitening kit to improve your smile too!

Join in on the fun here!


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