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Why Choose Invisalign?

Why Choose Invisalign?

“Hi, Dr. Bobbi Stanley here, with Stanley Dentistry. I wanted to tell you a little bit about a great way to straighten your teeth that doesn’t include braces. It’s called Invisalign. Invisalign is a great option and I wanted to show you what it is. It’s literally an invisible tray that you place in your mouth and it moves your teeth. It’s really flexible, very lightweight, and it’s invisible. You place the tray in your mouth and you keep it in your mouth all the time, except for when you’re eating. When you’re eating, you remove it, you eat, brush your teeth, and then put the tray right back in.

It needs to be in your mouth, twenty-two out of twenty-four hours a day. You then change the trays out once a week, or every two weeks, depending on your treatment. It’s simple, it’s fast. People ask me if it’s expensive — it’s not in our office. People ask me if it’s slower or faster — it’s the same amount of time as braces. As a matter of fact, it can be faster than braces. The great thing is, you’re able to take it out of your mouth, clean your teeth, floss, and then put it right back on your teeth so that your teeth can straighten.”

Is Invisalign right for me? 

We get many patients who come into our office and say “My dentist told me Invisalign wouldn’t be an option so I’m here to get braces instead.” Sometimes, their general dentist is right but many times, they’re wrong. Every year, Invisalign becomes better, faster, and more affordable. It can transform a huge variety of misaligned smiles nowadays. While there are still some cases where Invisalign will not work, anyone who’s considering Invisalign should call our office at (919) 460-9665 and come in for a quick complimentary consult. We’ll talk about your options, go over finances, and make a treatment plan that works for you.

If you’d like a better idea of what Invisalign is and if it can help your smile, I encourage you to go to the Invisalign website. You can use their “Smile View” technology to see (for free!) what your smile will look like post-Invisalign.

We’ll see you soon!

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