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Why You Shouldn’t Use Alcohol-Based Mouthwash With Veneers

Why You Shouldn’t Use Alcohol-Based Mouthwash With Veneers

Dental veneers are a great way for you to get the perfect smile you have always dreamed of. While veneers are unrivaled in strength and appearance for their similarity to healthy tooth enamel, there are some important things to know in order to keep your veneers looking great.  

Practicing good oral health is something every patient should do, but you may not know that something in your routine could be harmful to your veneers. What’s most important in your care of your porcelain veneers is that you use a non-abrasive toothpaste, floss well, and have regular check ups with your dentist. Mouthwash isn’t necessary, but here are guidelines to ensure you don’t use any that could damage your new smile!

Take another look at the ingredients in your mouthwash before you rinse again.  Alcohol-based mouthwash can be damaging to the bonding composite of your veneers.  This means that the alcohol will gradually wear away at the bonding that holds the veneer to the tooth. Over time this could lead to loosening of the veneers or even separation of the veneer from the tooth.  

Most mouthwashes are alcohol-based, so dental veneer patients need to be cautious when purchasing mouthwash.  Always check the ingredients before you buy!  We want to help you keep your veneers looking great for years to come.  Alcohol-free mouthwash and good oral hygiene will help keep your veneers intact and looking pearly white.  

Feel free to contact us with your questions on how to protect your dental veneers!

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