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About Stanley Dentistry

Stanley Dentistry is led by the husband and wife team of Drs. Robert and Bobbi Stanley, both graduates of the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry. Drs. Stanley are the proud parents of four children who attend school locally.

They are active members in their community of Cary, North Carolina, participating in Boy Scouts, church, and volunteering. Located at 3731 NW Cary Parkway in Cary, NC, our dental practice conveniently serves the residents near Cary, including Raleigh, Durham, Apex, and Morrisville. 

While Dr. Bobbi Stanley received her undergraduate degree in Biology and continued on to dental school at Carolina in the early 90’s, her husband took a more circuitous route. Dr. Robert Stanley received his undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D in mechanical engineering from North Carolina State University. After working in the private sector for several years, he decided to follow the path taken by his grandfather and wife and pursue dentistry. 

We place great emphasis on continuing education in order to stay current in the latest dental techniques. We pride ourselves on being the most innovative and up-to-date dental provider in the Cary, Raleigh, and Durham areas.

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Our Mission

Stanley Dentistry is committed to improving the oral and systemic health of the patients we serve within the community and surrounding areas. Our standard of excellence is unparalleled. Using the highest quality materials and equipment and continually participating in advanced education and training, we go above and beyond for each of our patients every day. We strive to provide a truly exceptional experience as teammates and caregivers and to be better today than we were yesterday.

What makes Stanley Dentistry different?

Three things make our practice unique: our commitment to comprehensive dentistry, the quality of our dental care, and the relationships we have with our patients.

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The fact that we offer such a wide range of dental services, including orthodontic, pediatric, prosthodontic, endodontic, and general dentistry, means that you and your family can receive quality dental care all at one practice. This ensures continuity of care and convenience for our patients.

We can offer exceptional dentistry because we regularly attend continuing education courses throughout the year to improve our skills and stay abreast of the latest techniques in the field. In addition to education, we purchase the best equipment and materials available for our practice. Us being aware of new, innovative technology makes your visit to our office quicker, more affordable, and anxiety-free.

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Perhaps most importantly, we focus on relationships at Stanley Dentistry. As married parents of four children, we understand the importance of family and trust. We bring these same values to our work every day, taking the time to listen to our patients and truly get to know them. Because we cover every aspect of dental health, we see our patients often. Our office becomes a familiar and comfortable place instead of just another dentist’s office.

Learn Why Stanley Dentistry Has A 100% Rating From Our Clients.

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