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Bone Replacement & Grafting
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Do your teeth look too long? Does it appear that you are missing gum tissue? If the thought of tissue “grafting” seems too severe, we have a wonderful alternative. To build up the gum line or restore gum tissue where it has been lost, we use AlloDerm, a collagen that is applied to your gums and helps to regenerate gum tissue. AlloDerm can be used for a variety of procedures, including soft tissue ridge augmentation and increasing gum depth.

Bone Grafting 

Bone grafting is the oral surgical procedure of replacing or augmenting the bone around the teeth. Stanley Dentistry performs bone grafting in our Cary, NC office to help patients that are missing bone or gum tissue near their teeth. Bone grafting is performed to fix the bone loss caused by periodontal disease, a trauma, or dentures that do not fit. You also could need bone grafting if your jaw is too small.

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