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Does your child exhibit any of these symptoms?

If your child suffers from one or many of these symptoms, HealthyStart could be the solution. Watch the following video to see how treating the above symptoms can change a child’s life.

What is HealthyStart?

HealthyStart is a unique oral appliance that has two objectives: 

How does HealthyStart work?

The Healthy Start appliance is worn for a few hours during the day or at night to stimulate nasal breathing while working with the child’s natural growth pattern to widen the dental arch and properly develop the jaw.

During the process of tooth eruption, the HealthyStart appliance gently encourages the teeth to grow in the proper position. As we have learned in our years of orthodontic experience in our Cary, NC dental practice, teeth will return to their original (eruption) position if retainers are not diligently worn for a lifetime. With HealthyStart, the teeth grow in the correct position so there is no improper place to return. Therefore teeth are permanently straightened and do not require retention (retainers).

In addition to the lifetime benefit of straight teeth, the appliance positions the jaw to encourage nasal breathing. HealthyStart seats (places) the tongue on the roof of the mouth instead of the floor of the mouth. This opens the airway and causes high oxygen saturation in the bloodstream. These actions produce restful sleep and encourage the natural release of growth hormones. Additionally, the children are less distracted and not as tired during the day. Studies suggest a better performance in school and fewer occurrences of ADHD with proper use of the HealthyStart appliance.

Can Stanley Dentistry help my child?

dr. bobbi stanley with kid patient

Dr. Bobbi Stanley has been practicing dentistry in Cary NC for over 20 years and is a mother of four. She has extensive training in the nine dental disciplines recognized by the American Dental Association. This allows a unique, comprehensive perspective on the diagnosis and treatment of our pediatric patients with emphasis on facial balance and harmony achieved through the child’s natural growth pattern.

Dr. Bobbi Stanley is a Senior Instructor with the International Association of Orthodontics, as well as,  Founder and Lead Orthodontics Instructor at Stanley Institute.

At your first visit with Dr. Stanley will review your child’s health history and evaluate his or her oral health.

After individual analysis and treatment planning, Dr. Bobbi will review her findings with the patient and will then discuss her professional recommendation. Patients and their parents are finding HealthyStart treatment to be truly life-changing.

Is my child a good fit for HealthyStart?

If your child exhibits the symptoms listed, call today for a complimentary consultation.

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