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Breathe easy at Stanley Dentistry.

Fear shouldn't keep you from getting the dental treatment you need. Our sedation dentists will help you choose the best sedation option to ensure your visit is pain and anxiety free.


Inhalation Sedation Dentist in Cary, NC

Inhalation sedation using nitrous oxide can help you handle nervousness, pain, or gag reflex difficulties during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide (N2O), or laughing gas, is simply a gas that you breathe in through your nose. This colorless, sweet-smelling, and nonirritating gas is the most commonly used type of inhalation sedation in dental offices. It will help you feel calm, comfortable, and less sensitive to pain. We offer Nitrous Oxide at our office in Cary, NC.


How does inhalation sedation work?

Stanley Dentistry uses Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, to help patients with pain, anxiety, and gag reflexes. Nitrous oxide (N2O) offers non-invasive, rapid, adjustable sedation. Unlike some other sedation methods, the depth of sedation can be adjusted and the dentist can quickly decrease the sedative effects. No other methods of sedation give the dentist this much control. Nitrous oxide gas is administered through a tube to a small mask that you wear over your nose. Recovery time with nitrous oxide is usually only a few minutes.

How long will inhalation sedation take?

The initial onset of inhalation sedation takes only seconds and the recovery time only a few minutes. Nitrous oxide works quickly because, unlike other forms of sedation, nitrous is not metabolized by the body. The gas is expelled through your breath in only a matter of minutes, which means the patient has no waiting period or “hangover” at the end of the procedure.

Am I a good fit for inhalation sedation?

Nitrous oxide is very helpful during many dental procedures in reducing pain and anxiety. Especially if you have a strong gag reflex, nitrous oxide may be the right choice for you. Nitrous has been shown to be effective in eliminating or decreasing one’s gag reflex. Stanley Dentistry will work with you to ease your anxiety and choose the best type of dental sedation for your procedure.

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