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Have you had problems relaxing at the dentist? With the help of our oral sedation dentistry options, you can get the care you need!


Oral Sedation in Cary, NC

Stanley Dentistry practices conscious sedation. A person’s level of sedation is considered a continuum, which can be graded on a scale from no sedation to deep sedation. Conscious sedation falls on the scale at a point where the patients are comfortable, relaxed, can still talk, and they can maintain their own airway. In other words, the patient can breathe without the need for assistance from the dentist.


With oral sedation, you may slur your words during treatment but you'll remain in a calm state and not remember much of the procedure.

The drugs used to reach a state of conscious sedation are commonly administered in one of two ways, via a pill taken orally or taken intravenously. Oral Sedation dentistry is becoming readily available in most cities while IV Sedation dentistry is only offered in a few select dental offices around the country. Stanley Dentistry is proud to offer both services at our practice in Cary, NC.

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