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Why Do Dentists Need Your Health History?

We know no one enjoys filling out paperwork, but in any medical environment, all those questions about your medications and medical history are incredibly important. Most people acknowledge that they need to fill out paperwork at places like their GP or orthopedic, but at dental offices, paperwork is often left ignored and unfinished. Because people typically come to the dentist twice a year, it can feel more routine than going to other medical offices. This translates to people not feeling the need to mention things like new medications or recent surgeries. Your teeth don’t have much to do with the rest of your body, right? In reality, your overall health has a strong impact on the health of your teeth and gums. Even small changes to your medical history can impact how we approach your dental treatment options.

List all of your medications

Almost all medications — even over-the-counter drugs — come with long lists of side effects. Most decongestants and many antihistamines can severely reduce saliva production. Saliva helps keep your teeth “clean” in-between brushing by washing away harmful bacteria. If we know that you’re on a medication that affects saliva production, we can take some proactive measures to ensure your teeth and gums stay as healthy as possible.

Some other medications that may affect your saliva production include painkillers, diuretics, and antidepressants. If you’re taking any kind of medication regularly, make sure your dentist knows — even if you don’t think it’s affecting your teeth or mouth directly. With anything medical, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

List all illnesses and conditions

Your mouth is a gateway for harmful bacteria, allowing them to easily move from your teeth and gums to affect the rest of your body. Poor oral health can exacerbate, and even cause, certain conditions, including endocarditis and cardiovascular disease. Letting your dentist know about your health conditions — including your family’s health history — is vital. If endocarditis runs in your family, your dentist may recommend coming in for three or four cleanings a year instead of two, just to make sure there are no bacteria that can wind up near your heart.

Your oral health can also impact pregnancy. Recent studies link periodontal disease to low birth weights and premature births. We typically recommend that pregnant women come in for cleanings every three months instead of every six months if they’re struggling with their gum health.

Other conditions that relate to your oral health include diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and osteoporosis. These illnesses can make the mouth more susceptible to gum disease, mucosal lesions, and tooth loss respectively. The best way to keep yourself healthy is to tell your dentist exactly what sort of conditions you have so they can create a treatment plan that works for you.

Recent surgery or injury? Let us know

Surgeries and injuries — on any part of the body — can affect oral surgeries and treatments. At our office, we approach every case with individual, personalized care. If we don’t know your medical history, we could make a mistake. Keep us in the loop on any and all changes by filling out all requested paperwork and talking to your dentist while you’re in the office. We want every visit to our office to be beneficial and worthwhile to you but for that to be possible, we need your help.

gum grafting

Gum recession (where the gums gradually pull away from the teeth) is an incredibly common problem among adults. Recession appears due to a variety of reasons including poor dental hygiene (leading to periodontal disease), aggressive brushing, and general aging. Because so many patients have it, dentists are always trying to find new techniques that can effectively “cover-up” the exposed tooth root(s). Years ago, the only true way to repair receding gums was to perform a traditional connective tissue gum graft. Nowadays, we have a few different techniques that we can also use that are less invasive and painful for the patient. At Stanley Dentistry, we use the “No-Hole” technique as often as we can because it’s minimally invasive, has a high success rate, and is significantly less painful than other methods.

What is the “No-Hole” Technique?

Also known as the “Tunnel” technique, the No-Hole technique does not involve creating any kind of incision. Instead, the doctor uses a special set of tools to “tunnel” underneath the gum tissue, forcing it away from the tooth. This space between the tooth and gum tissue is very small but it’s just large enough for the doctor to place an allogenic dermal substitute (AlloDerm). Once the AlloDerm is in place, the doctor raises the gum tissue to cover the exposed root and sutures it into place.

The No-Hole technique allows the gum tissue to stay intact which improves vascularity (blood flow) around the area. Better blood flow means higher chances of a successful and esthetic outcome. This technique also grants the doctor the ability to correct gum recession on numerous teeth during one procedure. With traditional gum grafting methods, patients with extensive, full-mouth recession have to come in for numerous, lengthy procedures. The No-Hole technique needs just one quick procedure to produce long-lasting results.

Why the term “No-Hole”?

Dr. Robert Stanley coined the name “No-Hole” in reaction to the popular “Pin-Hole” technique. With Pin-Hole procedures, the doctor creates a small hole in the gums and uses an instrument to stretch the tissue before inserting a collagen matrix. The procedure can be successful for minor gum recession but it is very difficult to perform and the introduction of a hole in the gum tissue is unnecessary when the No-Hole technique works so well.

Why doesn’t every doctor use the No-Hole technique?

New dental techniques take a long time to catch on because they frequently require extensive training and experience to master. At Stanley Dentistry, our doctors are always signing up for new continuing education courses so they can stay abreast of current dental trends. This is how we’re able to offer procedures like the No-Hole technique at our office.

The No-Hole technique can be difficult to perform because it requires the doctor to work in a very small area (the pouch between tooth and gum). Dr. Robert Stanley has significant experience with the No-Hole technique and has performed the procedure successfully on countless patients.

How long does it take to heal?

Most patients experience pain during the first three to four days post-surgery. By their one or two-week post-op appointment, most patients are feeling little to no discomfort. We encourage patients to stick to soft foods for the first few days and to slowly introduce semi-solid foods into their diet as the site of the graft heals. By a month after surgery, patients are completely healed and pain-free.

Does the procedure hurt?

One of the main reasons why doctors began searching for alternatives to traditional grafting is because of the pain patients were experiencing. The No-Hole technique, unlike traditional grafting, is minimally invasive and heals quickly and easily. During the procedure, we use various kinds of sedation dentistry to keep the patient comfortable.

Where do I sign up?

Ready to get started on your treatment? Sign up for a complimentary consultation by calling (919) 460-9665 or requesting an appointment through our online portal.

What is gum grafting?

“Hello everyone! Dr. Robert Stanley, Smile Engineer here. Today I want to talk to you about solutions for gum recession. If you’ve been diagnosed with having gums that are moving away from the tooth or your teeth are starting to look long, there are two main types of solutions that we can do [to fix it]. They’re both grafting solutions. The only difference is where the graft material comes from. The first option is to take graft material from somewhere else in the body. Typically, it comes from the roof of the mouth. We then simply move it to the area that needs it. And then we put it [the grafting material] on the roots of those exposed teeth so that they’re protected.

The second option, which sounds a whole lot better to most people, is an option where we actually open up a package and we take out an acellular dermal matrix. This basically just means that the material comes out of a bag. We hydrate it and then we place the grafting material over the defect. In both scenarios, we get great results but there is some clinical decision making that needs to be determined behind the scenes. Your doctor will take care of [those decisions] to make sure they are giving you the right solution for the right location in the mouth. Some of these solutions work better in certain areas than others.

Why do people get gum grafting done?

So, why do we do root coverage? If we have this lengthening of the tooth, why do we need to do any of these procedures? When you see longer teeth, and the gums are running away from the tooth, what you’re actually seeing underneath that is bone loss. We’re not just seeing the gums getting longer and running away from the tooth, but the bone underneath is melting away. If the bone melts away too much around a tooth, you can imagine that eventually that tooth would become loose and you might lose the tooth. So, the main reason why we’d want to do an intervention where we stop this from occurring (or we slow it down significantly) is to prevent the loss of the tooth long-term.

The second reason we would do it is for aesthetics. Say, for instance, when you smile you have this defect in your smile line. You see these really long teeth and you’re like, “I don’t want my teeth to be really long in this region — I want them to look like they were when I was younger.” That would be an aesthetic reason to get gum grafting done.”

gum grafting

Is gum grafting painful?

Gum grafting is considered an oral surgery since it involves some minor suturing, and, in certain cases, removal of gum tissue from another part of the mouth. For some people, that may sound a little scary but you can rest assured that, in our office, gum grafting is a routine procedure that our team has perfected. The type of sedation we use depends on the length of your specific procedure and your own desires. If you wish to not remember the surgery at all, we can use IV sedation. In other cases, we may just use a local anesthetic and an oral sedative. Post-procedure, most patients use over-the-counter painkillers to manage mild discomfort.

If you have dental anxiety, we recommend talking to your doctor about the different sedation options so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Is gum grafting right for me?

Before we do any sort of procedure at Stanley Dentistry, we like to do a consultation first. During the consultation, we go over different treatment options and lay out all the finances. We’ll take a look at your teeth and gums to make sure you’re a good candidate for the surgery. If you are, we can set a date for the procedure.

Want to learn more about gum grafting before your consultation?

Still have some questions? You can learn more about gum grafting at Stanley Dentistry here. When you’re ready to schedule, just give us a call at (919) 460-9665. We’ll see you soon!

Lauren always struggled with her wisdom teeth and was too afraid to remove them. After visiting Stanley Dentistry, Lauren was able to finally live pain-free.

Can you talk about your wisdom teeth removal experience at Stanley Dentistry?

“I’ve had problems with my wisdom teeth since I was about nineteen years old. I was supposed to get them out [back then], but when I went in to get them out, I had chest congestion. The doctor couldn’t do it at that time. And after that, I’d always heard all kinds of horror stories, so I never rescheduled. So, for the last umpteen years, I’ve been having problems with them and finally, it got to the point where I was having pain in the area. I [also] had a funny little lump on the roof of my mouth and [my hygienist] Jennifer looked at it and said, ‘uh-oh, I think you have an abscess.’ Sure enough, that’s what it turned out to be.

The bad thing was [my husband and I] were getting ready to leave the country like three weeks later. She said she had a lot of concerns about me flying in the pressurized cabin with an abscess. It could [also] really be a problem being overseas in Europe, so everybody worked amazingly to rush me to get this scheduled. I didn’t have enough time to think about it or to be worried about it. I’d been putting it off and putting it off but everybody could not have been more accommodating to get this scheduled so that it fit my schedule. And then it was done and over with before I had to leave [for my trip] so it was great.

I left the country days afterward and it was no problem. [For the procedure] we came into the office — and my husband brought me. They told him he could go home — and he had taken the day off of work — so he went back home, and he only got the dishwasher unloaded before they called him and said, ‘she’s done, come back and get her.’ I have no recollection of anything other than, ‘okay, we’re gonna put you to sleep now,’ and ‘wake up!’ It was so smooth and so fast and so painless. When I went home, I was a little bit groggy, and there was minor bleeding, but I never took one of the painkillers. I never had any problems. I followed the instructions religiously for what to eat and how to take care of them, but we literally left the country within days of me having it done and I had no problems. I never had one problem. It felt like something had happened in my mouth that day, but after that, nothing.

What was your experience like with the Stanley Dentistry team?

I’m pretty sure it was Dr. Rob who actually did the surgery because I don’t really remember that much of it. The nurse anesthetist was just amazing. I mean he helped me so much talking to me ahead of time, preparing me for what to expect. He was the person I interacted with when we got here. But really, just everybody could not have been kinder, more helpful and more pleasant to deal with! I felt like they called afterward too when I was at home and followed up to make sure everything was going great. It was terrific!

Would you recommend Stanley Dentistry to friends and family?

Absolutely, I would recommend this practice. I can’t imagine going any place else myself. As I said, we trusted our teenage daughter to come here as well after she finished with pediatric dentistry. Anyone who needs their wisdom teeth out, do it. I have had no problems since I had them out. It has made dental care so much easier. I wish I had done it many, many years before.”

Wisdom Teeth FAQ

Have some questions about the wisdom teeth removal procedure? We’ve got you covered! Click here to read our wisdom teeth FAQs.

Ready to schedule?

If you’ve been living with wisdom teeth related pain for years, now’s the time to turn things around. There’s no reason anyone should be living with infected, impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth extractions are routine procedures that are quick and minimally invasive. You’ll be in and out of the office in no time! Call (919) 460-9665 to set up a complimentary consultation. We’ll see you soon!


Norma has been to dentist after dentist, looking for the right team of people to help heal her smile. After finding Stanley, she now commutes over 4 hours to come visit her family here at Stanley.

What brought you to Stanley Dentistry?

“I’m Norma Aguilar. I’m from Lenoir, North Carolina and I’m about 45 minutes from Boone, North Carolina. I’m on the west side. It takes me about 4 hours to drive here, and you’re the only place from now on that I’m coming. [I drive over] four hours, because my other dentist has not given me the information or done what you guys have done for me. Since I first came, you made me feel like I was your sister or brother.

What’s been your experience at Stanley Dentistry?

I’ve gotten more understanding about my mouth than when I had cellulitis of the bloodstream because of a dental problem. You know when you feel comfortable, and you feel safe, and you feel like the truth is being given to you. Other dentists I’ve been to…I’ve not been that fortunate. I’ve had a lot of problems medically with my mouth that have put me in the hospital or in the ICU. I haven’t had [any of those problems] here. You’re very cautious and you’re very protective. That confidence makes you feel like you’re really appreciated and that you really want to do the right thing for me. And you handle it personally. I’m not just another person coming in the door and saying, ‘Oh we’re gonna get this done, and we can do this and this and make this money…’ You’re not about that. That’s the difference.

I’ve been here since [I moved from] Florida. Over the years, I’ve been to about 5 different dentists. I haven’t had [this level of] information, even [after] asking, they didn’t tell me [everything about my treatment.] Here, they tell me what’s the problem and what the cost is, and the prevention as well. So, this is my home. If I have to drive for hours to come every six months, I’m [still] coming. I’m not going to another dentist.

Would you recommend Stanley Dentistry to friends and family?

It would be [the] number [dentist] on my list. and I would tell them it would be worth the money to travel if they had to travel. They’d be foolish not to because you take care of the people like they are your mother or brother or sister, your cousin, your uncle. You don’t take care of them like they are another patient coming in that you can make money [off of]. That’s not the question here. The question here is ‘how can we help you? What would make you happy? How do your teeth feel? What can we do to make you improve as a person?’ There’s a difference when you walk in and a dentist says, ‘You got this, this, and this,’ but someone comes in and says, ‘How can we help you with your mouth? We know that money’s an issue but the real issue is what can we do for your health?’ Now that was the first question I had never heard in my life, said to me here by Dr. Bobbi. So I know that this is the place.”

We’re here to help

Tired of hiding your smile? Frustrated by mounting dental bills for cavities, root canals, and extractions? Our office specializes in clear, simple treatment plans that allow patients to get long-term solutions quickly and easily. Our talented team can do everything from full-mouth restorations to Omega Teeth dental implants — all under the same roof. In just a few appointments, you’ll be able to show off your smile again. Give us a call at (919) 460-9665 to set up a complimentary consultation with one of our doctors. We’ll see you soon!


Getting the smile I always wanted

Peggy came to our office in need of a complete smile transformation. She was self-conscious and concerned about her ability to eat. Now that her treatment process has been completed, this is the first time she has seen her forever smile.

“I put [fixing my teeth] off and put it off for so many years. It was not only that — it was my health. I couldn’t eat properly so I was having digestive problems. I was blessed I didn’t have a really bad toothache during this time. I kept pushing it. My sister [would say] ‘Have you called the dentist yet? Have you gone to the dentist yet?’ And then my doctor — my medical doctor — [was also encouraging me to get it done].

How was the Omega Teeth procedure?

It went very well. When I woke up, I had no trouble at all. My whole head would hurt sometimes from my teeth. I had a lot of phantom pain. Trying to eat was getting more and more ridiculous. I knew I had to have [some teeth pulled]. I was very blessed that I had some money my mother and father left me that I was able to do this process. I still would have had to go somewhere to have surgery for my mouth because my mouth was bad. It was very bad.

Did you experience any pain?

I never really had any pain — even right after the surgery. [The prosthesis was uncomfortable] but not pain[ful]. Of course, when I got to eat for the first time after two months of liquids and mashed potatoes…I remember the first time I got to bite into a pear. I took a bite out of it and I was like “I can eat!” It had probably been ten years [since I bit into a pear] because my teeth were so bad so I’d always have to cut stuff up. To just take a whole pear and bite it — to be able to chew meat and stuff like that. I was really having a hard time eating because my teeth were so bad.

Were you self-conscious of your smile before?

One of the bank tellers at the Credit Union I always go to said ‘You know, you’re smiling now! You never used to smile.’ I said no, because I was really ashamed of my mouth. I remember I had a picture I sent to a friend of mine and I haven’t seen her in a few years and she said “Peggy, why don’t you get that tooth fixed?” And I said, ‘Nedra, you just hit on my biggest worry. And it’s not just one tooth — it’s the whole mouth.’ I would have to keep my mouth closed but now I can take pictures smiling.

What did you enjoy about your experience at Stanley Dentistry?

Everything here. You have to trust somebody to do something like this. Knowing that you all had an anesthesiologist who was here. That made it easier because that’s who’s got your life for those few hours that you’re having the surgery.

Would you recommend the Omega Teeth procedure?

I would say come in and look at the options. Really look at your health. Sure, it’s expensive when you first hear it but when you think about all that you’re getting. Just having [Dr. Rob] pull the teeth and get all the roots out…if you went to a regular oral surgeon, that would’ve cost three hundred or two hundred. So that alone, just getting all of that out, [was worth it]. If you’re suffering, don’t let it go on. Get something done about it and this is a great place to go.”

How can I get Omega Teeth?

Living life in constant pain from dental decay and periodontal disease is hardly living. Don’t put your health and self-confidence in jeopardy by pushing off dental surgery. Come in for a complimentary consultation and we’ll walk you through what the Omega Teeth process entails, how much it costs, and whether or not it’s right for you. This is your opportunity to finally get the pain-free long-lasting smile you’ve always wanted! Call (919) 460-9665 or set up an appointment here. We’ll see you soon!

What brought you to Stanley Dentistry?

“My name is Beth Griffin and I’m from Lumberton, North Carolina. In my younger years, I didn’t really have a smile. We grew up on a farm and mom didn’t really introduce a toothbrush or toothpaste — none of that stuff. I guess, eating different foods caused cavities and I’d lose a bunch [of teeth]. I probably didn’t have but six or seven [teeth] even in my early twenties. It was painful. I mean, just seeing other people smile and I couldn’t. It hurt. I just kept the pain deep inside — but I looked happy. But I wasn’t. 

I got on Google and came across the caption Stanley Dentistry. It said “Find my Smile” and it drew me to Cary Parkway where I had my first visit. I went in and Dr. Rob and Dr. Bobbi introduced themselves. I sat in the chair and I told them, you know, about my smile. And they set me down and they told me ways they could improve it. They looked [my case] over through the weekend and I came back in the following week. They gave me an outline of what procedures they would do from the first visit all the way to the end. 

How was your experience at Stanley Dentistry?

The first step, when I came in, I felt at ease. They had the best, gentle care. I didn’t feel any pain. Each procedure, they told me what was going to happen and what to expect. I was pretty calm.

What was your reaction to your new smile?

It was amazing. I think I shed a little tear because going all those years without a smile and then getting to see this, what I had now. It was overwhelming. It really was. I felt blown away. I was like, that’s really me? My family was like, ‘Really? What did you have done?’ And you know, I told them all along, I’m getting some implants. And my friends, they were like ‘Where’s this at? I’m going up there for sure!’ 

I mean, this has been over 5 [years ago] and I still get compliments today. The biggest change I’ve seen — I’m able to eat food now that I couldn’t eat before. Apples, for sure! Candies, steak. I can tell a big difference in the chew. 

How was your experience with the Stanley Dentistry team?

I think Drs. Stanley and the whole team were awesome, very knowledgeable, kind, gentle. They stick to their word. The work is beautiful. They’re really awesome. 

My name is Beth Griffin. I’m from Lumberton, North Carolina and I found my smile at Stanley Dentistry.”

Ready to schedule an Omega Teeth consultation?   

Omega Teeth full-mouth dental implants are for people who’re tired of dealing with endless cavities, root canals, and extractions. They’re tired of experiencing constant dental pain and they want a real, long-lasting solution that looks as good as it feels.

If this describes you, come into Stanley Dentistry for an Omega Teeth consultation. We’ll give you a quick exam and see if the Omega Teeth procedure is right for you. Set up your appointment here or call (919) 460-9665.

We’ll keep showing up for you

“We know that these past few weeks have been the most challenging that many of us have seen in our lifetime. In our twenty-five year history, we’ve seen a lot of changes but the uncertainty and complexity facing us now seem bigger than ever. But even during these challenging times, we never lost sight of what was most important: our patients.

Now more than ever, we want to say thank you. Thank you for letting Stanley Dentistry be a part of your healthcare team and a part of your lives. Thank you for continuing to show up for us even in the midst of these trials. Thank you for being a part of our family. And a part of being family means no matter how difficult this is, we will continue showing up for you and that’s our promise. To protect you, to care for you, and to keep you healthy. We’ll show up for you and we won’t stop. While you’ve been away, we’ve been implementing new and innovative ways to keep you and your loved ones safe. We’re eager to serve you and your family. We’re here and we’re ready to help you find your smile.”

Your health and wellness come first

Making sure you and your family feel safe when coming into Stanley Dentistry is our team’s number one concern. We know these are scary, uncertain times which is why we’re going the extra mile to create a safe space where you can get the dental treatment you need. A few of our new COVID-19 prevention methods include:

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Have you missed an appointment or are you looking for a dentist in the Cary-Raleigh area? You can sign up for a virtual exam here or you can call (919) 460-9665. We’ll see you soon!

What’s your dental trauma story?

My name is Taylor Fisher and I grew up in South Florida. Essentially, when I was in nursing school in college, I was on the equestrian team and I had a really traumatic accident riding a horse. I shattered the whole left side of my jaw. I originally had four surgeries to reconstruct everything that first year when I was in nursing school — which was rough, really rough. When I graduated and moved to North Carolina, that’s when I started to try and get everything in place — fix everything other than the actual jaw area, which was fixed. But now, it was more dental and orthodontic. 

I got four different answers from four different people telling me what to do. One endodontist was like ‘We could do a root canal but we’d have to slice open the entire gum line.” It was all this crazy stuff. I felt very confused because I didn’t know who to believe — some people were saying just take it out…So, it was scary. I didn’t know who to really trust. The people who took care of me for the original surgeries — one was in Miami and then my other doctors were in Boston. So, I was in a hard place because I didn’t feel like I trusted anyone here. 

Why did you make an appointment at Stanley Dentistry?

I had a patient in the ICU and his daughter was an oral maxillofacial surgeon. So, somehow, we got to talking and she also happened to live in Boston. We were talking about that and eventually it came up that she was an oral maxillofacial surgeon. We had that kind of report where I was like, ‘Can I ask you a question off the cuff? Because I really don’t know what to do in this situation and I’m getting so many different answers.’ So, I told her what was going on, with what had happened to me, and that I didn’t know where to proceed with getting implants and should this tooth stay or should it go — and on this side, what should I do? She basically looked at me and said ‘Well, you need to go to Stanley Dentistry.’ 

I asked her why and she said, ‘I trained under Dr. Rob and I know Bobbi really well. And [Dr. Rob] is very good with trauma and they have a great office, they do everything together in the same office. They can do the crowns, the orthodontics, everything — all in the same office.’ For me, that was like, ding ding ding! Finally! As someone who’s already been through a lot of trauma, already been through a lot of healthcare expenses and everything…knowing that I can have everything done at the same place was huge. And on top of that, she was vouching for their ability and their character. She was like ‘I trust them. My parents are going there.’

What was your first appointment like?

It was great and when I made an appointment here, I felt completely at home. It was just a great experience. I still had a lot to do in order to fix everything but I knew I was in good hands and I trusted what they said. Everything they explained to me was very logical, ‘this is how it’s going to be.’ I never felt uncomfortable or doubted their advice on what to do. 

Really, all in all, it’s been a long journey and finally, I’m on the other end and I can’t thank them enough for finishing everything in my mouth but also for everything that they’ve done here. I really do think that, in the dental system, this is what you really want as a patient. To be able to go to people who have everything all together in the same place… because I can tell you, it’s really hard when you have a different oral maxillofacial surgeon, an endodontist, an orthodontist, a dentist. You have to go to multiple different places just to get the resources that you need. And then everyone disagrees with how they think things should be done. It makes you stressed out because you don’t know who to trust.

Unfortunately, coming from a medical background, I know how it goes — different people have different experiences and doctors are the same. Everyone has a different idea of what to do. I think at Stanley, they really take pride in working together, really exploring all options, and deciding that this is the best course of action. I think that’s really special.

What would you tell someone who’s thinking about making an appointment?

I would want people to know that they [Dr. Rob and Dr. Bobbi] take a very systematic approach to what your major problems are. They work really hard to address that from all angles and to make sure it is being addressed. They really want you to have a better quality of life. I never once felt like just a patient — just someone who’s coming in and coming out. I’ve felt like family when coming in here.

They take everything in stride. All my dental visits…they know I have anxiety! So they always make sure they have this numbing medication ready — and this is just for dental cleanings — because I have a lot of sensitivity on my bottom teeth and I get very scared because I don’t know what to expect. This is something they do every time. They always have it ready. To me, that’s really, really thoughtful care. Knowing that these are the things that I need to feel comfortable — and I know it’s a pain in the butt and I know it’s a lot to ask for — but they have never made me feel bad for needing those things.

As a patient, you could never ask for anything more. For the people who’re taking care of you to take care of you like one of their own. That’s what it feels like when I’m here. 

Ready to schedule your complimentary consult at Stanley Dentistry?

Dr. Robert and Bobbi Stanley are the leading dental trauma experts in the Cary-Raleigh area. They’ve dealt with countless trauma patients and have never failed to give them the quality of care they deserve. If you’ve suffered some kind of dental trauma that has left you in physical pain or has rendered you afraid to show your smile, our doctors have the answers you’ve been looking for. Schedule a free consultation today to see how a few dental appointments can change your life.

we are open

We are reopening our office for elective procedures (including cleanings) on May 11th! While we’re very excited to see and help our patients again, we first wanted to quickly go over the precautions that we will be taking to keep you and your family as safe and healthy as possible.

At Stanley Dentistry, our responsibility to our patients is to provide the highest standards of dental office infection control. We consider protecting the health of our patients and our team our top priority.

It is important to us that our patients feel safe and well-cared for during their appointments. We have always maintained a high standard of cleanliness but we are now taking it a step further to curb the spread of COVID-19. In order to follow the infection control guidelines recommended by the ADA & NCDS, we are implementing some new protocols. When you come in for your appointment post-May 11th, you can rest assured that your overall health and well-being is our major concern. Below are our new sanitation guidelines.

COVID-19 Prevention Protocols

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