Ear Pain and TMD
Added on: June 4, 2021
Ear pain and TMD

Think you have an ear infection? The pain may actually be stemming from issues with your jaw. As strange as it sounds, ear pain and the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) are intricately connected. The TMJ connects your jawbone to your skull and allows you to eat and talk. It’s located near… Read More…

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Top TMJ Specialist in Cary, North Carolina
Added on: May 24, 2021
Downtown Cary

Does your jaw click when you’re talking or eating? Do you wake up in the morning to a sore or “locked” jaw? Are you suffering from persistent ear pain that your doctor can’t diagnose? If you answered “yes” to even one of those questions, there may be a problem with… Read More…

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How Our Dentists Fix TMJ Pain
Added on: May 24, 2021
Stanley Dentistry in Cary, NC

For what feels like the millionth morning in a row, you wake up with a sore jaw, a painful headache, and facial pain. You’ve gone to your dentist and your general doctor about the problem but they’ve yet to give you a real, solid solution. Your dentist gave you a… Read More…

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A Brief History of The Dental Chair: From Wooden To Smart
Added on: May 3, 2021
Stanley Dentistry in Cary, NC

Chances are, going to see the dentist is not at the top of your to-do list. Most people don’t necessarily enjoy their trips to the dentist — even if they understand that they’re necessary. While modern-day dentistry may still make some people uncomfortable, there have been huge improvements over the… Read More…

Jaw Clicking While Eating? See a Dentist.
Added on: April 12, 2021
Stanley Dentistry in Cary, NC

Almost everyone will experience some kind of jaw pain or jaw clicking at some point in their life. Sometimes these symptoms are serious and can point to a larger issue and sometimes they’re purely temporary and go away on their own. Because jaw clicking is so common, we do tend… Read More…

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Are Dental X-Rays Dangerous?
Added on: March 30, 2021
Stanley Dentistry in Cary, NC

Should you be worried about getting a dental x-ray? Or do the benefits outweigh the risks? Dr. David Baranowski breaks down dental x-rays and why you should get them.

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Are Whiter Teeth Healthier?
Added on: March 8, 2021

Are whiter teeth actually healthier? Or is it purely cosmetic? Our dental experts break down the difference between pretty and healthy teeth.

Periodontal Disease and COVID-19
Added on: March 3, 2021
Stanley Dentistry in Cary, NC

Recent studies show that people with periodontal disease are more likely to suffer severe symptoms after contracting COVID-19.

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Free Spring Photoshoot
Added on: February 25, 2021
spring photoshoot - Stanley Dentistry in Cary, NC

Get your spring photos for free with Stanley Dentistry! On May 16, we’ll be doing a free patient photoshoot in Cary. Register here.

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Don’t Want Dentures? Get Omega Teeth
Added on: February 7, 2021
Omega Teeth full mouth implants

What makes Omega Teeth the best full-mouth dental implant solution? We made every part of the system with you in mind.

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Correct Your Child’s Teeth Before They Need Braces
Added on: January 28, 2021

Years before your dentist recommends braces for your child, they could have HealthyStart — an alternative to traditional orthodontics.

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Fix Dark Gum Spots Without Scraping
Added on: January 19, 2021
Stanley Dentistry in Cary, NC

When you think of perfecting the appearance of your smile, the color, shape, and symmetry of your teeth are probably the first things that come to mind. Beautiful teeth equal a beautiful smile, right? In some cases that’s true, but we also see a lot of patients who are frustrated… Read More…