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Omega Teeth™

The Better Way To Do Dental Implants

Dental implant procedure

All-on-4, TeethXpress, and Teeth-in-a-Day all advertise themselves as the fastest implant services on the market. Patients can go into a dental office and after only one lengthy procedure, they can have a mouth full of new teeth. On the surface, that seems like a great deal. We live in a busy world. People want speed but what these other companies struggle to understand is that people also want quality and safety. They want to know that all the money they’re putting into their mouths isn’t a waste. Speed is important but, as all doctors know, it isn’t the only thing that’s important.

That’s why Dr. Robert Stanley invented the Omega Teeth™ process. Instead of only placing emphasis on speed, Dr. Stanley considers safety, strategy, and speed. With Omega Teeth™, the patient still has “teeth in a day” but unlike with the other methods, their implants don’t fail six months later. The majority of Omega Teeth™ patients never have to undergo implant surgery again.

What makes Omega Teeth™ different?

The thing that separates Omega Teeth™ from other implant procedures is the surgical guide system. Although there are other elements of Omega Teeth™ that keep it in front of the competition, Dr. Rob’s emphasis on precision and perfection is really what makes it special. With other implant procedures, doctors blindly place implants in the general area where they know it should go. Sometimes, this works fine but the majority of the time, it causes some sort of complication for the patient.

Implants work best in the long-term when the doctor places them at an exact angle in a particular spot. The jaw bone has to support the implant so if a doctor places an implant in such a way that the bone cannot properly bond, it will fail. People who get implants want them to last. At Stanley Dentistry, blindly placing implants just isn’t an option.

Instead, Dr. Rob uses a 3D scanner to see every angle of the patient’s mouth and jaw. Using the scans, he can plan exactly where the implants need to go. He then has a surgical guide made that, during the actual procedure, ensures precision. All of the pieces used in the surgery are color-coded which also guarantees no human-error.

Planning before the surgery is the key to success in Omega Teeth procedures.

How fast is Omega Teeth™?

Because the Omega Teeth™ procedure uses a surgical guide, it’s actually faster than other implant procedures. Dr. Stanley does the hard work of planning where to put the implant before the surgery, saving him time during the actual procedure.

dental implant guide
A typical implant guide used in Omega Teeth™ procedures

For a full upper arch of implants, Dr. Rob typically finishes the procedure in an hour and a half. For full mouth implants, it’s usually three hours. In comparison, other procedures can take over six hours to complete because the doctor has to struggle to find where to place the implant.

Learn how to perform Omega Teeth™

Omega Teeth™ creator Dr. Robert Stanley teaches courses through Stanley Institute on how to perform the procedure for doctors who want to improve their practice.

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