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Convenient wisdom tooth removal for you and your family.

Don't waste time running around town between the dentist and the oral surgeon. At Stanley Dentistry we provide both services in one convenient location in Cary, NC.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Cary, NC

Wisdom teeth are the four permanent adult teeth located at the back corners of your mouth. Wisdom tooth extraction is an oral surgery procedure to remove one or more of these teeth. We can perform wisdom tooth extractions for patients in the greater Cary, NC and Raleigh, NC areas. A wisdom tooth extraction may be recommended as a preventative treatment even if the teeth aren't currently causing you any problems.

How does wisdom teeth removal work?

Sometimes, wisdom teeth do not have room to grow into your mouth; this is referred to as an impacted wisdom tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth can often result in pain, infection, or other dental problems. Often, the wisdom teeth are misaligned and can crowd or damage the adjacent teeth as they grow in. If you have had an orthodontic treatment or a cosmetic dental procedure to perfect your smile, wisdom teeth removal is a preventative treatment to ensure your smile stays straight. With the benefits of IV Sedation, Stanley Dentistry makes wisdom teeth extractions both comfortable and convenient.

How long will it take to remove wisdom teeth?

After your initial consultation, your wisdom teeth can be removed in one visit.

Am I a good fit for wisdom teeth removal?

Just because you can't see your wisdom teeth doesn't mean they won't cause problems in the future. We can examine your x-rays to determine if and when your wisdom teeth need to be removed. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Looking for more information on wisdom teeth removal?

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