How much do veneers cost?

The question everyone always wants to know: how much do veneers cost? Like almost everything in dentistry, there is absolutely no way to give a flat rate when it comes to veneers because they’re so customizable. If an office is giving a flat rate, they’re most likely allowing patients to leave their office with “one-size-fits-all” veneers that don’t look good on anyone. At Stanley Dentistry, we want to give every patient a set of veneers that works well for their unique mouth shape. This means that prices will naturally vary. Prices for veneers also depend on how many veneers the patient wants. Some people don’t really know how many veneers they need in order to get the smile they imagine. For the most accurate estimate on your veneers, come in for a consultation. We will go over every aspect of the procedure and layout a few different financing options.

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