What can I do about a child who afraid to go to the dentist?

Stanley Dentistry is committed to keeping children healthy through preventive dentistry. We understand that visiting the dentist can be intimidating for young kids, which is why we offer Mommy and Me Visits. During these visits, you will have the opportunity to accompany your child into a private room with one of our experienced dentists. We have fun educational toys to make children feel at ease in the dentist’s office. Our kind and friendly dental team will help your child feel comfortable while undergoing their procedure. We also provide parents with educational materials about oral hygiene to take home with them. Our goal is to help your child feel relaxed and excited about visiting the dentist! We are confident that our Mommy and Me Visits will help make your child's experience at the dentist as enjoyable as possible. Schedule an appointment today to take advantage of this wonderful service!

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